Juniors Andy Dugan and Daniel Kahn have pioneered the sport of ultimate frisbee at this school through Ultimate Frisbee Club



What has been your role in Ultimate Frisbee Club?

Andy: My role in UFC has been, well firstof all, I helped to establish the  competitive team. I got us in the league that we played in the last year, and I’ve also helped get a lot of people involved and grow the popularity at Carmel High School. Daniel is a co-founder.


How do you coordinate with other teams for games?

A: I actually know a few of the captains from other teams. The games are set up by this guy named Al Geisler. He does a lot of the high school ultimate stuff. He sets up the games by mass-texting or emailing the team captains to get us into games and tournaments.

Daniel: Next year we are going to start a “B Team” and grow it even more next year so we can have even more people play competitively as well as having people who can take over the club and keep it going even after we graduate. For the B Team, we are going to have tryouts for the first two months of the club. The more veteran players will evaluate people and choose those who would be best for the team.


How was the club started?

A: I didn’t start the club. It was originally started by Noah Lybik, Daniel Kahn and Forest Levy. I started coming at the beginning of this year. I helped out by bringing more people and getting more people to come out and it started growing. On a good day we have as many as  50 to 60 people come out.

D: For a while we wanted to become a (school) club. Last year we were always trying to get a sponsor and that’s why it never really blew up. Getting soccer field time would just be kind of difficult. The beginning of this year, we just decided to play every Friday on school grounds. It’s more of a gathering than an official club. Also, starting the competitive team was a lot of work. It was a pain in the butt to finally get all of our forms filled out, deciding we wanted to do it and choosing eleven players for the team. We had to turn some people away from the competitive team because the season had already started.


Why is ultimate frisbee important to you?

A: It’s important to me because it’s just so much fun and it’s become a big part of my life because it’s fun to hang out with all the guys who play, to compete, to get out on the field and ‘skying’ some kids. Overall it’s just a good atmosphere, good vibes.

D: I learned how to play at a summer camp I go to called GUCI. We used to always bring our baseball gloves to camp to play baseball but then after a couple years we stopped and just started bringing frisbees because all the older kids were playing it at camp. We learned how to play and now there is always a game of frisbee going on.


What is the best memory you have of Ultimate Frisbee Club this year?

A: For me it was when I first started playing in one of the earlier UFC meetings, and we had just started getting more people to come out and I remember Noah Lybik just threw me a pass down the field and there were 10 people all bunched up and I jumped over everybody, diving out to catch the disc. It was awesome.

D: My fondest memory of frisbee is Andy and freshman Alex Elliot coming out their first day and they were terrible. They couldn’t throw the frisbee at all; Andy could kind of catch it because he was tall, but now Andy is the captain of team and Alex is super good for a freshman. Watching the players like that evolve over time has just been awesome.