Find the Blog for You

Find the Blog for You


The Itinerary

w.theitinearyThis blog will introduce CHS students to interesting places that are relevant to the season and that are within Indiana, out of state or even outside of the country. These destinations can range from shopping malls, resorts or cities. In addition, it can help students who are new to Carmel by showing them stores and places that would enhance their experiences here. It also allows for the two of us, as well as the readers, to learn more about a variety of locations and cultures.
We plan to give basic information about a location or several locations, including travel time and special features available there. We also plan to include fast facts about certain places and other information that would enhance their experiences. For places that we have actually visited, we will include reviews and opinions about them.



Back and Forth

Jacob and I have a low.backandforthng history of engaging in extended debates about various issues. When we were in newspaper 1, we always pictured ourselves doing back-to-back columns with opposing view points. So when we learned we could do a blog, we jumped on it right away.
The blog is meant to bring issues to light and have a real discussion about them. Since Jacob and I typically disagree on most things, the reader will get two different perspectives of the same topic. The blog can also be informative about many different issues.
Every few weeks, Jacob and I will pick a topic, issue or debate and each of us will write a short piece about it. Then we will combine our takes on that particular issue and post it together.







Reel Talk

I started “Reel Talk” because I really love movies. Movies are just so unique in the way that they deliver stories as they combine so many different art forms into awesome hybrids of visual arts, theater, photography, literature and storytelling. The world just has a universal love for movies. I think this is a testament to how powerful movies are and how they can appeal to so many different types of people.
The purpose of the blog is, first of all, to prevent people from wasting time and money on movies that aren’t worth seeing. However, I think my biggest goal is to encourage movie-goers to broaden their horizons by introducing them to new movies or suggesting movies that people are considering seeing. Additionally, a lot of detail work goes into making a movie, and a lot of these subtleties are overlooked. I want to bring more attention to these details and encourage a greater appreciation for the little things movie-makers do to improve their viewers’ film experiences.
I also want to review movies because, while trailers and commercials promote movies and flaunt their positive aspects, reviews provide viewers a full, clear and accurate representations of all aspects of a movie. Therefore, reviews are important in showing viewers the real quality of movies while promoting discussion amongst movie-goers.


Second Generation

We started this blog because this topic is something that we are passionate about. We feel that cultures like ours are part of our identities and it’s important to share it and celebrate it with others. w.secondgeneration
The purpose of Second  Generation is to highlight the children whose parents were not born in America. We want to show others how a parents moving from a foreign country can affect their child’s perception of their own culture. The child is exposed to a mixture of two contrasting cultures, which can be difficult to comprehend.
We comment on the differences of how we as second generation students were raised compared to the majority of the school.  We want to share our view of our culture and how it affects us. This blog could help anyone who is curious about becoming more worldly and understanding what it means to belong to the “Second Generation.”





For Science

I recognized the fact that a significant portion of people, not just in CHS, but around the country, were to some degree scientifically illiterate. I think it’s important for students to realize the processes behind the scientific discoveries and technological innovations that are so inextricably involved in their lives.
(The blog’s purpose is) to provide a source for scientific news and commentary that is close to home for CHS students. (I will provide) primarily science-related stories as well as commentary and additional material provided by yours truly.