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By: Shireen Korkzan <>

Senior Frank Schwarzkopf shares his political view.

Q: How do you consider yourself as a self-proclaimed anarchist?
A: “To me, what anarchism means is voluntarism. That means that people should have control over their own actions as long as they do not go against anyone else’s rights. Because of that, no coercive government is legitimate.”

Q: When did you consider yourself as an anarchist?
A: “The way this happened was several years ago when I was a liberal, I believed that the government should help people economically but not interfere in personal choices such as drug use or weapons ownership. I was also very anti-war. But then I came to realize it was inconsistent to believe that the government should help people economically and also believe that the government should not interfere in personal choices. That is because controlling one’s own money is something that is up to the personal choice and the government can not help a person economically without taking money from another person.”

Q: Which presidential candidate are you rooting for in the 2008 elections?
A: “Ron Paul is running as a Republican. He is not an anarchist but he is closer to my point of view than any other candidate part of a major party for probably 100 years. He is closer to my point of view than any other candidate because he is the most strict limited government candidate to run in a long time and although he believes that there is some legitimate function for government, he would drastically reduce the size of it. Ron Paul believes that the government’s only function should be defense of the people and their party.”

Q: Who from the last 100 years have you liked?
A: “Grover Cleveland and Calvin Coolidge. Grover Cleveland was the last limited Democrat to run but he was also the last Jeffersonian president. Calvin Coolidge was known as a “do nothing” president and was often unfairly blamed for helping to bring on the Great Depression but actually it was increased interference in the economy that caused it; Calvin Coolidge was not responsible for that.”

Q: Are you happy with our government or the Bush Administration right now?
A: “The Bush Administration, no. He (Bush) has done more to go against civil liberties than any other president and he is not conservative economically. He has spent more money than any president since Lyndon Baines Johnson.”

Q: Do you plan on going into politics in the future?
A: “I am not sure but I might enjoy being a political columnist. But I would have no interest in actually being a president, obviously.”