ART ON THE SIDEWALK: Senior Kate Bruns and freshman Claire Bruns are a family of chalk artists



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Q&A with Senior Kate Bruns

e.crawford.15minCHALK-1004When did you start doing chalk drawings?

We started this summer; my mom was really interested in doing 3D chalk art, so then it ended up just being a whole-family event… It’s me, [my mom] and then my older and younger sister.

Are you interested primarily in chalk drawing, or do you like to do other types of art as well?

Most of what we did over the summer was chalk drawing; I’m not into actual regular drawing or anything. The only other type of art that I’ve done before is jewelry. But, yeah, usually it’s just been chalk.

What should people know about doing chalk art?

I think anyone can do it… because you’re looking off of a picture. As long as you draw what you see I think anyone can probably try chalk art. Also another interesting thing: we use chalk pastels, not sidewalk chalk.

How did you find out about the chalk-drawing contest?

My mom found out about it, so I’m not really sure. We initially entered in the amateur category because we weren’t super familiar, but they ended up putting us in the professional category. And then we got second place.

Did you and your sisters and your mom do the contest together?

Yes… my older sister couldn’t go, so it was just me and my younger sister and my mom who did the contest, but my older sister still did a lot of our practice drawings and all that stuff.

Did you practice for the contest?

Yeah, we did about three drawings outside of our house on the sidewalk, just to practice, and then we found a cool image to draw for the contest.

What was the image?

It was a sea turtle, kind of swimming at you. It was cool once we had the finished product.

What processes do you follow when creating a chalk drawing?

Well, we would find an image that we’d want to draw; usually we would want it to look like the image is coming at you because that would give the 3D effect. We have a computer program that will skew the image–it’s specifically for sidewalk chalk–so it’ll skew the image… and then you draw what it skews, and then that way if you stand back from it, it looks 3D. That program also puts it on a grid, so then we draw that grid on the sidewalk, and then the three of us work on it from the picture… The grid kind of allows us to all be drawing the same picture because if there weren’t one it wouldn’t… line up.

e.crawford.15minCHALK-1001Q&A with Freshman Claire Bruns

Are you interested primarily in chalk drawing, or do you like to do other types of art?

I like chalk art the best, because it’s the most fun… you can do anything with it. But I do like a lot of other art, too.

How often do you do chalk drawings?

Usually whenever we have time. So on a Friday or over the weekend; whenever we can get together and do one.

What kind of chalk drawings do you usually do?

We usually do an animal, and we make a picture, and we grid it to a certain scale so when we draw it it looks 3D.

When did you get into art?

My mom is an artist, so I basically had art my whole life, pretty much.

When did you start doing chalk drawings?

We started doing chalk drawings over the summer when my mom found the pastels that we use for it, and then we just kept doing it once we caught on.

Talk about the chalk drawing contest that you participated in.

It was in Hamilton Town Center Mall-area, and we found it online. It was me, my sister and my mom, and we went there, and we got a parking space, and then we just drew our drawing, and then people could vote for it. I think it was in July, like late July. We drew a turtle… a sea turtle.

What are some cool chalk drawings you’ve done?

I think the turtle was pretty cool; we made it really big. But we’ve also done a piranha fish; we’ve done a tree frog; we’ve done a snake, and then we‘ve done just other kinds of abstract stuff.

What should people know about chalk drawing?

It seems hard, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy.

These are the past few chalk drawings that the Bruns family have made. The sea turtle was the drawing that placed second in the the profession division of the 2015 Hamilton County chalk artist contest.

e.crawford.15minCHALK-1018Q&A with Mrs. Jody Bruns

Last Spring we saw a call for entry on for the Hamilton County chalk art contest and we decided that would be a fun thing to do for the summer. So we started preparing. I bought a software application that gives you the 3D effect or turns photos into a 3D grid. We started drawing last summer in June to get ready for the mid-June contest. We finished i
n second place in the professional devision even.