School shouldn’t end summer fun for seniors

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By Andrew Browning
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As we get back into the swing of a new school year, seniors shouldn’t hang their heads about the end of the summer fun and freedom. Senior year is supposed to be the year, a time to just slow down, relax with friends, and love life. I’m not saying to blow off the school work completely, but for students who have hammered academically for three years, they deserve to take the foot off the gas pedal somewhat and enjoy the little time left with fellow Greyhounds.

Everyone ought to have fond memories of Carmel, and not just the time inside CHS or studying at home. Some early ways to make this year a memorable one:

  1. Tailgating: This tradition needs to come back with a vengeance. Indianapolis as a city really doesn’t tailgate much compared with more traditional locations like Chicago or Green Bay. But Carmel ought to start a trend, because tailgating is what turns football games into all-out social gatherings. It’s a nice chance to unwind after a week of class, and it gives everyone a chance to catch up and chill out before showing their true colors at the football game.
  2. Fan Support: If the Class of 2010 is really going to get into its senior year and go all out for it, it needs to emphatically support the CHS sports teams. If seniors are looking to spend time with friends, why not spend time with them at a sporting event? There is no excuse for seniors not to have superb attendance at home football games this year, and we really ought to make a better effort to support the Hounds when they go on the road.
    But fall sports aren’t limited to football. The men’s and women’s soccer teams consistently have one of the top programs in the state, and should receive much more fan support and recognition from the student body than they do. Even for those who aren’t soccer fanatics, the games are a great chance to get out of the house on a weeknight.
    And let’s not forget about the volleyball, men’s tennis, and men’s and women’s cross-country teams. Many of these kids work their tails off for four years to help their team be the best it can be, and they don’t get much fan support to show for it. Seniors should also show their support at senior night for their fellow classmates.
  3. Involvement: Just because seniors deserve to focus on enjoying their final year of high school doesn’t mean they should drop everything and let complete laziness take over. Part of the enjoyment of senior year should be competing in a sport for the final time, getting a chance to head a club or organization, or becoming a section leader of the marching band.
    These activities should be looked at as a chance to leave a legacy at CHS, and seniors ought to embrace them as time winds down, instead of pushing them away. So now after finally becoming the top dogs at CHS, the Senior Class ought to lead the other classes in such a way that allows us to make the most of our fi nal year here. At this point, seniors only have 36 weeks left at CHS. It’s time to make the most of them.

Andrew Browning is a reporter for the HiLite.