Leaders of the Pack


SPEAKING UP: Speaker of the House Georgia Simmons (left) discusses last year’s Dance Marathon with a fellow Cabinet member.
Speaker of the House Georgia Simmons (left) discusses last year’s Dance Marathon with a fellow Cabinet member.

Georgia Simmons, Speaker of the House

Why did you decide to do House?

I decided to become a member of house after realizing Carmel High School is so big, and I wanted to find a way to get involved.

Why did you decide to do Cabinet?

The reason I ended up deciding to interview for cabinet was ultimately because of how much I enjoyed House events. I saw all the Cabinet members leading House events, and it really inspired me to see what more I could gain from Cabinet

What made you want to run for speaker?

I loved everything about Cabinet my first year. I loved the people and how hard they were willing to work for something they loved. I decided to run for SOH because I want the (Cabinet) to find the passion I did for working together for something truly remarkable.

How long have you wanted to run for speaker?

I decided I wanted to run the end of my sophomore year. I realized how much Cabinet had changed me as a person the end of the year. And (former speaker of the House) Henry Curts was such a role model to me.

What’s your plan as speaker this year?

As speaker of the House, I want everyone to find something they are passionate about, especially in high school. Whether or not that is student government, a sport or a club, high school is the prime opportunity to chase doing something you love.

How will your position affect your future plans?

I think no matter what I end up doing with my future, (being) speaker of the House will stretch and help me grow as a person. I will definitely use all I learn this year to improve myself as I move on to college.

Mike Pitz, Student Body President

Why did you decide to do Senate?

My introduction to Senate is kind of a funny story. While I was in eighth grade at Clay Middle School my eccentric and favorite teacher, Mrs. Giles, had a note left from a subpar sub saying that one table of girls was interrupting class. Due to this she issued them all lunch detentions, but what she didn’t realize is one girl didn’t say a word during the class; her table was causing trouble.  So I raised my hand and said that she didn’t do anything wrong. After that the whole class had her back and was saying how she was innocent.

So Mrs. Giles gave us an ultimatum (that) if one of us ran for Senate, which none of us has a clue was about, the poor girl would not be given her first lunch detention. I almost jokingly said I’d do it. Little did I know I just got myself into the phenomenal organization that would end up being my favorite thing about high school and would instill my future passion of serving others.