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Ask the HiLite: What are teachers’ views on high school relationships?

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Q: What do you think about high school dating?

A: I think that it’s not for everyone. It’s probably best to wait until you’re a little bit older and more mature. Sometimes, it could be a distraction, but you could also have a really enjoyable time if you find someone that you really like and enjoy spending your time with.

Q: Do you feel like the PDA in school has gotten out of control?

A: I don’t notice it too much. I think it’s not that bad. I’ve seen it a couple times, but honestly I don’t think it’s a huge distraction.

Q: Do you think relationships are a big distraction to the learning environment?

A: If it’s some people that are mature, that can handle it and balance their time, then not necessarily. But I also think that in a lot of ways it could be a distraction especially with some of the emotional consequences that come with breaking up or if there’s conflict in the relationship that could be a huge distraction. I know for me, I dated throughout high school and married my high school sweetheart. There were definitely times when I was distracted when I was having conflict with him. But I think if you are mature enough, and you can handle it, you can balance out your time and focus on what’s important in class and put that to the side until after class. Then I think it’s fine.

Q: Do teachers ever place two people next to each other because they think the pair would make a cute couple?

A: I’ve never have. I’m not really sure about that. It’s not usually something that crosses my mind when making seating arrangements.

Cristen Cassler
Cassler and her husband started dating during their junior year of high school. According to Cassler, they knew each other since first grade but got to know each other better while working for their school newspaper.


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