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Binge-worthy and Socially Relevant. “13 Reasons Why” provides a noteworthy perspective into the teenage psyche and the ramifications of suicide.

Misha Rehkter, Reporter

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As the popularity of the new Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why” has reached a fever pitch, feedback and opinions have been widespread. Personally, as a viewer, I was captivated and immediately consumed the entirety of the show. My immediate takeaway was the show serves as an insight into the daily teenage struggle, which is both illuminating and alarming. Moreover, it should function as a powerful tool in suicide prevention by revealing the horrific consequences of suicide on friends and family as well as the individual. However, many have criticized the harrowing depiction of the lead-up and fallout of Hannah Baker’s death as an irresponsible and inaccurate portrayal of suicide. As such, while this raw and visceral performance has justly evoked inflammatory criticism, I would argue the underlying purpose remains commendable: to inform about the troubling experiences of teenagers and promote suicide prevention.

An underlying principle of the show is to reveal the trials and tribulations of a typical teenage life to the public. Oftentimes teenagers are mislabeled by parents and described as moody and secretive. The show provides definite evidence for why teens act the way they do. Teenagers, just as adults, have real problems, and the show helps to illuminate to adults the challenges that their children and peers face on a daily basis. This is a crucial benefit of the show in that it should help parents improve communications with their children. Moreover, fellow teenagers will be able to see how their daily actions impact their peers.

Moreover, the show provides a stark insight into the tragedy of suicide and the debilitating effects it projects onto one’s family and friends. By showing the events leading up to and after the suicide, the show is able to convey how suicide continues to be a source of sorrow and anger even after the act. This is vital because it will serve as a powerful factor in dissuading teens from suicide by unveiling how their actions affect not only them, but also unload pain and suffering onto their friends and family. This should function as a powerful tool in the fight against suicide.

Additionally, the show is worth watching simply because it is an excellent drama. The acting is superb with vivid emotions that are hauntingly realistic. The directing and production are up to the usual Netflix original standards as well. The plot is unique and enthralling, keeping viewers at rapt attention throughout. While sometimes the footage can be disturbing, overall, it is exceedingly entertaining and most definitely qualifies as binge-worthy.

In the end, the show is controversial for good reason. The topics discussed are delicate and the show tackles them in a raw manner. Yet this shouldn’t dissuade viewers because they remain prevalent in society. Regardless of opinion, people should watch either to gain a better understanding of teenage struggles or just to enjoy a engaging show.

The views in this column do not necessarily reflect the views of the HiLite staff. Reach Misha Rekhter at mrekht[email protected]

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