Leading the Way: Q&A with Ben Goldberg and Sam Johnson, the new student body president and speaker of the House.

Jordyn Blakey, 15 Minutes of Fame editor

Q&A with student body president Ben Goldberg

Why did you decide to run for Student Body President?
Ever since I came to the Senate as a freshman, I knew that I always wanted to run for student body president, I put my head to the grind and put all the work in and I felt like it was the right time.

How do you want to be remembered at CHS?
I just want to be remembered as an approachable guy; I want to lead by example and make everyone feel accepted, that’s really what I want to do.

What do you hope to accomplish in your role?
Within the Senate itself, I hope to (become) more organized than we were in the past few years, as well as I want to get more events planned out, I want to get all of our other events better run within the Senate itself (and) make sure everyone knows what they’re doing.

What do you think the worst part of CHS is?
The worst part of CHS is some people feel like they can’t do certain things- they are already in one specialized group,Say if I was like in a specialized group of student government, I would feel like, ‘Oh I can’t go to choir now because I’m already in this’.


Q&A with speaker of the House Sam Johnson

How do you want to be remembered at CHS?
I hope to be remembered as just someone who was a friend to everyone, able to get people excited about things wanting to come and be like, ‘Hey, I want to be like him and get involved and do something more,’ and help people realize their dreams and potential at CHS.

What do you hope to accomplish as speaker of the House?
What I really hope to be able to do is to continue to provide the same events that we have and add stuff to them, perhaps if we can even reach more groups by better promotion. It works both ways; we get more people coming to our events, having fun (and) getting involved in school.

Why did you decide to run for Speaker of the House?
The past three years I spent in student government, and the past two in Cabinet, I really fell in love with the whole thing, and it made me who I (am) today. I wanted to do the most I could possibly do to give back, help the kids at Riley and make a good experience for everyone at CHS and whoever decides to come to the events.

What do you think the best part of CHS is?
I think the best part of CHS is just the variety of options, whether you want to go and do student government, a million options for that, if you want to do sports, you (have) a million options, if you want to do tech you can do TechHOUNDS. If you’re into journalism you can do any of the Greyhound Media Network. I think that’s the best part of CHS, if you want to belong, you can.

What is something you want to somebody to know about you?
Coming into CHS I was super into sports, I didn’t do a whole lot of other things. I had some bad injuries (and I ) couldn’t do (sports) anymore. For a while I was kind of almost lost and I really wasn’t doing much. I found student government; I found something I loved. I think that anyone else who wants to get involved, or isn’t already involved, can look at me or talk to me about what I did to find something I loved.

Is there someone you look up to that pushed you to take up the role of speaker of the House?
I would have to say my brother and a lot of his friends. He graduated five years ago. He and all his friends were in Cabinet, they lived to the fullest they did everything they could. They were just great happy guys.