Iran, do you believe?

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Do you believe Iran possesses nuclear weapons? The correct answer is uncertain, but I think there is one thing we can be fairly certain of; the country is trying. In recent interviews, the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, seemed to avoid completely dispelling the rumor of having nuclear weapons in his possession. He answered saying, “If it was confirmed that we have nuclear weapons, we would never use them unless we were retaliating with equal force.” He never did say no.

What ever happened to the Cold War? In those days no one ever “nuked” anyone else because we would all wipe each other off the face of the earth. It was called “mutually assured destruction,” and it kept the peace as much as could be accepted. The problem with putting nuclear weapons in the hands of radicals like Ahmadinejad is, they don’t care if they are blown away as long as a million plus infidels go with them.

The real question becomes, where will the nukes go once Iran finishes creating them? The answer, into the hands of terrorists, sold on the black market, or stay in the hands of a deteriorating unstable government.

Any way you slice it, the outcome seems bad. However, the possible solutions seem equally as bad. Political channels don’t seem to be working, so as I finish I leave it up to you the reader. What should be done?