Maintenance staff to drain, do additional work on sports fields in preparation for winter


Maintenance worker Fred Napier fixes a busted spring in a boiler relief valve before it can cause further problems for the school. Napier and the other maintenance workers have a variety of things that they do every day to ensure that CHS runs as smoothly as possible.

Lillian He

With the onset of colder weather and the impending end to many of the fall sports seasons, the maintenance staff is getting ready to prepare all the outside sports stadiums and fields for winter.
Maintenance Foreman Mike Wyatt said, “The concession stands we have to drain and pull all the lines out so they don’t freeze up and bust… same thing has to happen for the baseball field, the tennis courts, Murray stadium…”
Winterizing the fields and stadiums helps to ensure that they will always be in the best shape possible for all the different groups that utilize them.
Sophie Guo, member of marching band and sophomore said, “We practice on the field all the time and we leave it a mess… if the maintenance staff didn’t do everything they do to maintain it we would have nowhere to practice and we wouldn’t do as well at competitions.”