Silly or Scary?: CHS students recount their experiences at different haunted houses

Senior Benjamin

Marissa Ryan

Senior Benjamin “Ben” Singleton

Marissa Ryan

Indy Scream Park

“When I went to Indy Scream Park, they had this clown event where I wore 3D glasses that made everything tilt and spin; it was really disorienting, which was really awesome because it felt super realistic. Overall, it’s a great experience and it’s definitely different than most events because it’s Halloween-themed, so it’s only around once a year. It really puts me and my friends in the Halloween mood.”


Marissa Ryan
Senior Ruby Sanders

Headless Horseman at Conner Prairie

“My favorite part about Headless Horseman (at Conner Prairie) is definitely the hayride; when you’re standing in line for the hayride they have people out in period costumes, which is (in) 1816 and they have them singing, dancing and telling Halloween stories. It’s a really cool vibe and it’s just good anticipation for the hayride you’re going to go on. It’s definitely not a super scary event, but it’s a really fun event if you just want to get a group around and go and do some fun fall festivities. It just gets you in the Halloween spirit.”