Movie Playlist: Halloween [MUSE]

Shruthi Ravichandran


It’s finally Halloween!  To celebrate the spoopiest of days, here’s a list of the top ten best horror movies of all time.

  1. Insidious: This movie is maybe one of two movies on this list that actually did frighten me. I watched this movie when I was maybe ten and until I was about fifteen, I’d hold up my phone camera and scan my surroundings in places where I felt “a presence”. Needless to say, this movie definitely deserves my number one spot as it is the cause for my love of horror movies. 
  2. Get Out  
  3. Us: This movie wasn’t honestly that scary (I’d classify it as more of a “thriller”)  but, it was made really well and Jordan Peele is a brilliant director. Kind of weird to think about how one of the guys from one of the best comedy sketch series, Key and Peele, is amazing at directing horror films. It didn’t have those classic horror movie elements, but it did actually have a plotline. And, the idea of the movie was pretty interesting and original. I would say it is a little predictable though. So even though I wouldn’t classify it as a “horror movie”, it definitely deserves to be this high up on the list. 
  4. Hereditary
  5. Friday the 13th

    Ana Veros
  6. It: Chapter 1: Who doesn’t love Stephen King? This movie is actually really good. It’s got a couple of jump scares and of course, a demonic clown, but nothing too intense I’d say. The acting is quite good, considering it is a horror movie, and brings out that nostalgia for people who grew up reading the book and/ or who watched the original as a kid. However, the sequel was definitely not good. So if you are planning on watching this movie tonight, I’d go ahead and skip the second installment in the series. 
  7. The Shining
  8. The Conjuring
  9. American Psycho 
  10. A Quiet Place: First of all, I love John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. They are truly *goals* and everything they do is perfect. That being said, this movie was not scary at all. Even though it is classified as a horror movie, it wasn’t actually that bad (horror-wise). So if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like horror movies, but still wants to get in the Halloween spirit, this is the perfect movie for you. It’s also super short, about an hour and a half, so you’ve got plenty of time to have a little horror movie marathon on a school night 

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