Shadowing Editorial: Additional Q&A with Amy Skeens-Benton

Sophia Hawkins

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Were you part of the decision to discontinue shadowing?

I was the one that actually helped start the shadowing program, so it kind of goes full circle. I was one of the people that after many discussions with many people decided to end the shadowing (program).

Why did you decide to end the shadowing program?

One reason is (that) we are a public high school, so anyone can come here that lives here. The main reason we stopped is because the amount of shadowees and requests that were coming in were so large. It was getting extremely disruptive to the students that attend here. Our responsibility is to teach, work and have the least disruptive environment for the students that attend here. And if we have a program or something that is actually disturbing the learning environment, then we’re not going to do that. We owe it to the students that attend here.

Have you seen any effects on enrollment?

No, our enrollment keeps on increasing. Schools can’t compete with what we have to offer. If they want go to a completely different environment or they need a religious base, then a private school would be something that would cater to that. I think we’re lucky that we have a community that people can have choices. We’re a public school, we welcome all and we accept all, and people have taken us up on that offer.