Music Playlist: November Thanks [MUSE]


Grace Xu and Shruthi Ravichandran

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, here’s a playlist to celebrate friends, family, and yourself. Immerse yourself in the lyrics and join the artists in being happy with the present and looking forward to the future. Check out the playlist on Spotify at:


Playlist: November Thanks

Pumpkin pies, giving thanks, dinner tables, cozy feelings, family time, lovely friends, warm hearts.

Thank you [JUNNY]

I think the title says it all. As Thanksgiving rolls around, I’m glad for the reminder that there’s so much to be grateful for. 

Thrivin [Ryan Caraveo]

 I’ll admit it, I found this song from Shane Dawson’s video “The Beautiful World of Shane Dawson,” but it’s actually so good.

Who I am [NIve]

I don’t know why but this just gives me such wholesome vibes? Also, thank you to YouTube recommendations for actually providing a good recommendation and introducing me to this seriously underrated artist.

Mood [Marteen ft. TAEYONG]

This song never fails to put me in a good mood. (RIP Marteen’s Gucci wallet.)

It’s Nice To Have A Friend [Taylor Swift] 

No, I’m still not over this album. And you have to admit it, friends really are nice. 

Happy [Pharrell Williams]

I always thought of this as a summer song, but when I listened to it while curating this playlist, it also gave me laidback autumn vibes. I thought it matched the theme of this playlist pretty well, and it brought me back to the elementary school days.

Lalala [Okdal]

This song’s instrumental already sounds so cute on its own, and the lyrics are even cuter. (Although you’ll probably have to find a translation…) 

thank you for coming [ROLE MODEL]

This song is about thanking the people who you wouldn’t usually be “grateful” for, per se, and while the song might come off a little passive-aggressive, I think the lyrics make a genuine point. Plus, ROLE MODEL is an underrated artist who I had to put on here. (Thank you, YouTube recommendations, for really pulling through.)

Father of 4 [Offset ft. Big Rube]

As you can probably guess from my overall playlist, I’m not big on rap, but my friend recommended me this song a while ago. I don’t know why, but I find it so wholesome in its own way because most artists—especially hip hop artists—rarely ever write about platonic love, let alone family. I thought this song, though, was sweet in its own way (especially from 1:15 and after).

Grow [Conan Gray]

Such nostalgic, small-town vibes. This song sounds like it could be a graduation song (probably because Conan Gray did write it during his senior year of high school), and I love how it’s both sentimental yet excited for the future. (Also, yes, the Conan Gray concert was AMAZING, thanks for asking.)

Worst behind us [Marteen] 

“For now, let’s put the worst behind us, we got better things to put our minds on. I’m talking only plus, no minus.”


I also added a couple of bonus songs onto the Spotify playlist (specifically, “November Rain” by Kris Wu and “november” by aimless) just in case that seasonal November sadness kicks in. As finals approach, keep on the lookout for a study music curation which will be coming soon. And here’s a link to a November lofi playlist if you happen to be getting on that finals studying already:

Hope you enjoyed this playlist. Have a gratitude-filled week! 


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