Q&A with Jamfest Cheerleaders

Sarah Kim

Mia Ferrulli, Interactive Academy cheerleader and senior

What cheer team are you on?

“I am on a Senior-four team at Interactive Academy and our team name is Infinity.” 

What is JamFest?

“Jamfest Supernationals is one of the biggest cheer competitions, where teams come from pretty much all over the country to compete. Jamfest is held every year in Indianapolis.”

What is special about JamFest?

“They compete all levels from level one all the way to level six and they invite teams from all over the nation.”

How long does JamFest last?

“JamFest is two days this year.”

What has your team prepared for JamFest?

“We perform a two minute and thirty second routine that we have been working on all season.”

What do you look forward to the most about JamFest?

“I look forward to competing with people on my team and just showing off our routine.”

Flora McKay, Interactive Academy cheerleader and junior

How do you get placed onto a certain level competition team?

“Cheerleaders typically tryout and get placed on a team levels 1-6 and some gyms have level 7 teams. You get placed on a team based on tumbling, jumps, and stunting skills. (IA only has levels 1-5)”

What has your team prepared for JamFest and how long have you been working on the 


“My team has been preparing for Jamfest a long with other competitions since June.”

What are you most excited for with JamFest

“I am most excited to compete this weekend with all 15 of my best friends and hopefully perform well.”