School Resource Officers (SROs) adhere to new guidelines, add permanent SRO

Calina He

School Resource Officer Shane VanNatter looks outside Door 21 while wearing a face mask. VanNatter said he recently moved his office next to Door 21 and enjoys greeting students near it. (Calina He)

School Resource Officers (SROs) at CHS are adhering to new guidelines regarding chokeholds and are adjusting to a permanent SRO, according to SRO Shane VanNatter. “Our new policy says that techniques that are intentionally used to restrict the airway–a chokehold or a carotid artery hold–are considered deadly force. Officers could only use it when the use of deadly force is justified. If those techniques are used, we are required to call for medical attention as soon as that force is used,” VanNatter said. “There have been a lot of changes in police policy since the accusation was made that George Floyd died from strangulation and not being able to breathe.”

According to VanNatter, CHS has added a new and permanent SRO, Ashley Williams. VanNatter said Officer Williams is located at Door 4.

  Junior Nawal Waseem, who is in favor of the new SRO, said the new police policies banning chokeholds are beneficial to the school and community.

“I think that it is good that the police department banned choke holds. It is very surprising that they were allowed in the first place, but I am glad that they are making changes to increase the safety of all members of our community,” Waseem said.

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