Q&A with Athletics Director Jim Inskeep on process of finding new women’s cross country coach

Austin Guo

Q: What is the process for determining the new coach?

“We posted the position after the resignation of the previous coach (after the season ended). Then we receive applications from various candidates. We review those as they come in. We may have conversations with other people that haven’t applied to ask if they have interest in it. We get to a point where we’re ready to interview. Typically, we have students involved in that interview process. Coaches of other sports, administration, as well. And then once we get to that point, we break it down a little bit more into more specific conversations with those candidates before making a decision.”


Q: How many applicants for the position have you received so far?

“It’s been pretty typical. About 10 to 12.”


Q: What will you be looking for in this new cross country coach?

A: “To carry on the tradition of the program. It’s one of our strongest programs over the last 40 years, so it’s really big shoes to fill and a big roster as well. You’ve got about 150 student athletes on it, so they’re stepping into a pretty big position. You’ve got kids on one end of the spectrum and kids on the other end of the spectrum on the team in terms of running times, so trying to make sure it is a great experience for all of them is one of the foremost attributes we’re looking for in a head coach because they’ve got to be able to coach to all different levels on the team.”


Q: When will you reach a decision regarding this coach?

A: “I don’t have a timeline yet because so much goes into it. We don’t know what staffing looks like for next year. We don’t know what our decision is for the coach, so I don’t have a timeline yet. It’ll probably be some time this month.”


Q: What will this coach have to do once hired?

A: “They’re going to have to put a staff together for sure because who knows what that coaching staff may look like after they’re hired. Some may stay on, some may depart if the past history is any indicator of the future. Along with that, they’re going to have to start developing relationships with about 150 kids that they know nothing about. Depending on who they have selected for the position, they may know (some students). That’s the biggest challenge. They have to get together their summer schedule for conditioning and working it. (It’s a) whole year process from June 1 to the end of October.”


Q: What will you and the school do to get this coach acclimated to CHS?

A: “Just like every other head coach that comes in, it takes a lot of time. There’s a lot of discussion about procedures and our philosophy and ways we’re going to do things, so each new head coach gets a lot of time spent from our office about trying to get acclimated to coaching at Carmel.”


Q: What are your expectations for what this coach will do?

A: “The expectation is that they reach the highest levels of all of our coaches and teachers here. They’re working with somebody’s most prized possession. They’ve got really high goals in their programs. A cross country coach has to not only have these team goals but you also have to work with student athletes in terms of their individual goals because the goals of number one through number 150 in a cross country roster are very different … Everyone has different goals. That’s how this coach is going to have to approach that: how do you connect to each kid and figure out a training plan for them?”

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