Q&A with 13th nationally ranked tennis player and senior, Nishesh Basavareddy


Addison Joyce

Tennis player and senior Nishesh Basavareddy shakes hands with a referee after a match. Basavareddy, a nationally ranked tennis player, said he hopes to recover from his injury, improve his ranking, and continue to play tennis beyond his high school career.

What would a typical day of training look like for you?

“In a typical day, I wake up in the morning and do home exercises and rehab. And then I come to school. And then after school I go play tennis generally for like 2.5 hours or so and then I do another hour of fitness and other weightlifting or conditioning. I’ll take a day off either Friday or Sunday.”

What are a few challenges that you have faced in your tennis career?

“I’ve had quite a few injuries. I’ve had like 3 knee surgeries, and those are probably the biggest challenges. I’ve had to overcome those and come back stronger every time.”

What is your favorite tennis memory?

“Probably my favorite moment was when I was playing a team tournament in (the) Czech Republic representing the USA under
14 and we were playing the clenching doubles match. We won in the final.”

What are some short term goals you have for the future?

“My short term goal is to continue rehabbing to make sure I’m ready to play tournaments by November so that I can get back to it and improve my ranking. I had surgery at the end of May (because) I tore my meniscus, so I’m just recovering from that right now. I’ve just started standing and hitting some balls again in the past week or so. It’ll still be about a month and a half (until I can play).”

What are your plans for after graduation?

“After I graduate I want to first go to college and play tennis in college. Then I want to make the transition to (professional) tennis afterwards or at some point during college.”