Q&A with senior Gurleen Kaur on her avid interest in astrology and zodiac charts

Maryam Hafeez

How long have you been interested in astrology and what sparked your interest?

I’ve been interested in astrology for as long as I can remember. It was always in the background of my life because even though my parents didn’t believe in it, my culture tends to. I think that I really got into it when I was around six or seven years old because I learned that Beyoncé was the same sun sign as me. That might sound kind of silly, but at the time I thought it was such a big honor because I was, and still am, such a big fan of hers. From there, I slowly started studying astrology on a deeper level.

What are some typical astrological activities that you do?

I’ve taught myself how to read western astrology birth charts so I will read them for people if they want me to. I actually really enjoy doing that because people are so shocked by how accurate they are. On days of an astrological full moon, I usually try to organize things like my room or homework because many astrologers say that (doing) that will help you set better goals for the next moon. I don’t know if that’s entirely true, but I do it anyway.

Can you tell us what astrology is?

It basically uses the time, day or year to determine what potential you hold in this life. It’ll give you a blueprint of your personality and how the energies in the universe at the time of your birth will impact different aspects of your life.

What is your favorite thing about astrology?

I just love how fun it is. Whenever I read people’s charts, it’s so entertaining because they are so amazed. People also say that they have a better understanding of themselves after we get done with the readings.

Why do you think other people like astrology and the zodiac signs?

Many people are getting into it now because it was popularized by social media, which is pretty cool. I think people are attracted to it just because it uses a unique perspective to tell them more about themselves. It teaches them self-reflection.

What is an interesting fact about astrology that most people don’t know?

I think most people underestimate how old and detailed real astrology is. In recent years, learning about your big three has become really popular so many people think that it’s just a new trend, but it’s actually been around for thousands of years.

What does astrology mean to you?

To me it’s just a fun hobby. I respect it a lot because of its history but I don’t take it too seriously; for example, I don’t let it dictate my everyday life or schedule. I just use it as a tool to see what each person’s strengths and weaknesses are and to see what potential certain areas of life hold for them.

Could you see yourself becoming an astrologist/astrologer one day?

No, I might do some chart readings on the side for some extra money, but to earn the title of an “astrologist/astrologer” would require me to study the art in very close detail and take it much more seriously. I think it would defeat the purpose for me because I like it as just a fun hobby. I have many other interests that I want to pursue so I don’t think that I would have time to do that, but astrology will definitely be a life-long interest of mine.

What is one thing that you think everyone should know about astrology?

I just want people to know that even though they might not believe in astrology, they should respect it because many people around the world still give it a sacred seat in their culture. For many people, astrology is more than their “big three.”