No Way Home

CHS student describes the benefits, limitations of walking to school as opposed to other forms of transportation

No Way Home

Raghav Sriram

Interview with Junior Zachary Guo as he shares how his mode of transportation of walking to school.

How do you get to school each day?

I usually just walk along the main road and I cross it to go to the main entrance of Carmel High School.


Why do you walk to school? 

Usually I find it more convenient and it is almost the same distance if you were to walk from the parking lot to the natatorium so I don’t have to deal with traffic as much.


Do you think your proximity to the highschool is what inlines you to walk to school? 

Yes, because it is more convenient for me to walk to school.


What are the benefits of going to school using a form of transportation other than a vehicle or a bus? 

Usually I do feel like I can sleep in a bit longer and usually I have more freedom in when I actually have to leave to school.


Do you think all students can walk or bike to school?

I think that it is basically up to preference. Even if you are far away, if you are willing to bike that distance you could. There is really nothing stopping any student from biking or walking to school.


If some students havin trouble deciding whether or not they should walk to take the bus to school what would you tell them? 

If you feel like you can and it’s not unreasonable to walk to school then you could, I would recommend so. 


What are the environmental benefits of walking to school as opposed to using other forms of transportation?

Walking or biking is not really producing any carbon emissions, you aren’t releasing any toxins, so I would say that it’s a really good and easy way of reducing individual carbon footprints.


Is there anything else you would like to add that you think the reader might want to know?

Since I can walk home, sometimes I even stay at school for longer. (Walking back home) allows me to explore more clubs since I have more freedom as to when I have to go back home.