Q&A with junior Sophia Yang on jewelry-making, running small business


Zoe Tu

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Junior Sophia Yang works on a jewelry piece. Yang sells her handmade jewelry on Instagram by posting pictures. “When selling things you want to keep in mind the variety of specific groups of people or customers who you think will be interested; this is a good way to kind of guarantee profit,” Yang said.

Michelle Wan

What inspired you to start your jewelry business?

I was inspired to start it because I just wanted to be more financially independent and I also didn’t think I had the time to be employed in an actual job during the school year, so I just decided to create my own thing where I could work at my own pace.

What kind of jewelry do you like to focus on?

It really depends on what I am going for, honestly. Typically I usually just try to go for stuff that isn’t too extravagant. Therefore,
people could wear every day without feeling weird and it’s easier to sell that way. Sometimes I look at my friends’ styles or styles from other people I know. Then it creates something kind of specific.

What does the process of making jewelry look like?

It’s actually pretty straight forward. When I’m watching anime I’ll be like “I’ll make something” and make it whenever I feel like.
But one thing to keep in mind is that I do typically try to think of people who would typically buy (the jewelry).

What is the hardest part of running a jewelry business?

I think the hardest part is starting it and getting recognition and getting people to really want to buy from you. I think a big challenge again, is just marketing (and) making sure that I have a specific target customer group. Otherwise, I would be making things without any profit.

Do you have specific materials that you prefer to use than others?

It really depends on what I am going for. Sometimes I use some crystal that I found from Michaels. Sometimes I use the glass drop beads I like, and other times I use pearl beads. Those are typically the go to’s, but it really depends.

What are your favorite memories of jewelry making?

I think my favorite thing is when I give it to them and they really like it, it makes me really happy, especially when I see them
wearing it. I think it’s gotten me to be more independent. I really don’t like relying on my parents for their money for things I want to get. So now I can really work towards a certain goal that I want and then buy it then, and it‘s pretty rewarding.