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Junior Sophia Yang works on a jewelry piece. Yang
sells her handmade jewelry on Instagram by posting
pictures. “When selling things you want to keep
in mind the variety of specific groups of people or
customers who you think will be interested; this is a
good way to kind of guarantee profit,” Yang said.

Q&A with junior Sophia Yang on jewelry-making, running small business

Michelle Wan April 22, 2022

What inspired you to start your jewelry business? I was inspired to start it because I just wanted to be more financially independent and I also didn’t think I had the time to be employed in an...

Mary Grace Jacko on running Jacko Jewelry [Biz Buzz]

Mary Grace Jacko on running Jacko Jewelry [Biz Buzz]

Chloe Sun March 8, 2021

Happy March! Today I sat down with senior and founder of Jacko Jewelry, Mary Grace Jacko, to talk about her Instagram jewelry business. She sells many cool handmade pieces with beautiful meanings behind...

Using an assortment of
wires, string and beads, sophomore Izzy Monger creates products
for her store. She learned how to work with the materials last year
and her business took off a couple of months later.

Entertainment Spotlight: Sophomore Izzy Monger on her homemade jewelry business

Pallevi Pillai February 20, 2021

What sparked your interest in jewelry making? When did it start? Once quarantine started, I had an abundance of free time and I had recently found a box of beads in my basement, so I ordered some supplies...

Rising junior Claire Qu assembles necklaces by hand. She started selling them about a month ago and has raised more than $120 so far.

Rising Junior Claire Qu sells handmade necklaces to contribute to World Health Organization Covid-19 Response Fund

Thea Bertolini May 27, 2020

What are you making? I’m making seed bead necklaces! They are clasp necklaces with different glass seed beads strung onto them. The necklaces are simple but cute and they are great to wear during the...

Junior Jordan LaBoyteaux wears green lollipop earrings that she created. LaBoyteaux said she started making jewelry because she has aspirations to become a fashion designer or a jewelry artist in the future.

Junior Jordan LaBoyteaux makes, sells punk jewlery

December 12, 2019

Where do you get your inspiration for the pieces you make? Sometimes I’ll go on the internet for inspiration, or I’ll watch a good show and maybe see some accessories in there and be like, “Oh...

Junior Jessica Earnhardt runs her own business, Pretty Shiny Ware

15min January 23, 2014

Why did you start Pretty Shiny Ware? I really like working with my hands and making things like jewelry and various crocheted items. I don’t need 50 million hats and necklaces floating around,...

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