Rising Junior Claire Qu sells handmade necklaces to contribute to World Health Organization Covid-19 Response Fund


Claire Qu

Rising junior Claire Qu assembles necklaces by hand. She started selling them about a month ago and has raised more than $120 so far.

Thea Bertolini

What are you making?

I’m making seed bead necklaces! They are clasp necklaces with different glass seed beads strung onto them. The necklaces are simple but cute and they are great to wear during the summer.

Why are you making them?

I’m able to make the necklaces because I now have the free time to do so. Before quarantine, I didn’t have a lot of time to spare and the process of stringing on the beads individually does take time. I am also donating all of the proceeds to the World Health Organization Covid-19 Response Fund. This is just a small way to help, but during this time I think anything counts.

What’s your overall goal for it?

My overall goal is just for my customers to be happy with what they have bought. Making the necklaces is just a hobby and just to make quarantine a little more fun, so I didn’t really have a monetary goal. I am pretty pleased with how sales have been though, as I have raised more than $120 so far.

How can people purchase your necklaces?

If you would like more information about the necklaces or if you’d like to purchase, I can be found at [email protected]!