Playlist: Indian soul tunes [MUSE]


Sumedha Kota

MUSE Playlist: Indian Soul Tunes

As we enter summer, films are becoming a bigger part of many schedules. A country like India, in particular, has cinema which resonates with summer, otherwise known as “monsoon season” Indian cinema truly evokes feeling through its music. Indian cinema and music have long been culturally synonymous. Cinema culture itself in India is extremely rich, with there being film industries beyond just the known “Bollywood”,  in various languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, and so much more to explore. One of the greatest additions to this cinema culture across industries, is the music and background music, with some of the greatest music of the nation being seen in the playback songs and background tracks that are used to enrich the movies. 

Below is a playlist, along with an exploration of how each of the songs add to the movies. You can also find the music on a playlist at:


Saibo: This song from the Hindi movie, Shor in The City (2011) is a fun and sweet song that encapsulates busy and hardworking city life, but still manages to be a calming presence in all the heat.

Video Song: (2) Saibo Full Video – Shor In The City|Radhika Apte,Tusshar|Shreya Ghoshal,Tochi Raina – YouTube


Enakke Enakka:  A song from the Tamil movie, Jeans (1998) which is set in various locations which emanate the feel of summer in the United States, but with indian sounds. It is a beautiful blend.

Video Song: (2) Enakke Enakkaa Official Video | Full HD | Jeans | A.R.Rahman | Prashanth | Vairamuthu | AishwaryaRai – YouTube


Chinnama Chilakkama: From the movie Meenaxi: A Tale of Three Cities (2004), this song is playful and has a carefree air about it, along with a mix of Telugu and Hindi within its lyrics. 

Video Song: (2) A.R. Rahman – Chinnamma Chilakkamma (Full Song Video) – YouTube


Yaro Yarodi: This song from the Tamil film Alaipayuthey (2000), perfectly encapsulates the feel of a summer wedding.

Video Song: (2) Alaipayuthey Yaro Yarodi Song | Alaipayuthey Tamil Movie | Madhavan | Shalini | AR Rahman – YouTube


Mann Mohana: A song from the Hindi epic, Jodhaa Akbar (2008), which seems to talk about the mischievous deity of Indian mythology, Krishna, but at the same time, weaves in glimpses of new beginnings and opening oneself up. Something we could all do this summer. 

Video Song: (2) Mann Mohanaa – Jodhaa Akbar|@A. R. Rahman|Hrithik Roshan|Aishwarya Rai|Javed A. – YouTube


Mangalyam: From the Malayalam Movie Bangalore Days (2014), these feel good tune showcases the happiness of meeting family or friends after a long time. Even if you are unable to do that this summer, hopefully you can still vibe to this song.

Video Song: (2) Thudakam Mangalyam | Bangalore Days Songs | NivinPauly | Dulquar Salman | Fahad Fazil | Nazriya – YouTube