Carmel Quiz Bowl wins State, prepares to host competitions


Members of the Carmel Quiz Bowl team display their plaque, banner and medals after winning the statewide Quiz Bowl tournament. Following this tournament, the team will continue their in-person practices every Thursday in Room A208. “We had a great time at State; we got to meet teams from all around Indiana and talk to them about Quiz Bowl and how they study (and) practice,” Jordan Seigel, co-president and senior, said via email.

Claire He

Carmel Quiz Bowl will compete at the High School National Championship Tournament (HSNCT), which will take place in Atlanta this year.

To prepare for the logistics of the HSNCT, the team plans to run two different Quiz Bowl competitions at this school for fundraising. According to Jordan Seigel, co-president and senior, the second tournament—hosted in-person with physical buzzer systems—will take place on March 18. The first tournament was virtual and took place on March 11.

Seigel said via email, “We look forward to offering so many teams an enjoyable experience and expanding Quiz Bowl influence throughout Indiana. This tournament should help us cover our travel costs for Nationals, as we are currently expected to make a sizable profit.”

The team also continued their winning streak for the competition season on Feb. 18, when members of the team defended their title as champions at State. Throughout the season, Carmel A has remained undefeated.

Club sponsor Matthew Cinkoske said he is proud of the team for their accomplishments.

“Overall, after we won the championship round, I felt an enormous amount of pride for our team, more so for the work ethic and dedication to learning I see in all of our Quiz Bowl members than for the final results of the day,” Cinkoske said. “It has been a pleasure to get to know them throughout the year, and I look forward to seeing them dominate at the national tournament in May.”