Indian Student Association has found new sponsor

Secretary and sophomore Jai Sanghani and vice president and junior Sitha Vallabhanen eat during lunch while discussing ideas about the club. PHOTO// ANNIKA WOLFF


March 17, 2016

Indian Student Association (ISA) has found its sponsor and is currently working towards planning a Holi celebration. Club president and sophomore Alina Husain said English teacher Elizabeth Kahl was the new sponsor. “We were thinking of Mrs. Kahl partly because she’s Indian and partly because...

Indian Student Association has new leaders

ISA leadership sit down at lunch to discuss new changes for the club. PHOTO/ ANNIKA WOLFF


February 3, 2016

Indian Student Association (ISA) has been searching for a new identify all year with the lost of its founder and president graduating last year. While senior Aryaman Gupta was president beginning this year, club leadership has been placed into the hands of sophomore Alina Husain. “The old leaders...

Indian Student Association plans for the future

Aryaman Gupta, ISA club president and senior, sits with friends at lunch. PHOTO/ ANNIKA WOLFF


January 13, 2016

Indian Student Association (ISA) is still in the process of making plans for the new semester. While the members still have not held a meeting since after winter break, there are still some plans under consideration. Aryaman Gupta, ISA club president and senior, said Ekal Vidyalaya, a nonprofit organization...

Indian Student Association plans to have call-out meeting in November

The three club members: Aryman Gupta, ISA club president and senior, ISA officer and senior Mariam Bari and ISA officer and junior Alina Hussain have a meeting after school at the library. PHOTO/ ANNIKA WOLFF


November 10, 2015

Indian Student Association (ISA) plans to hold a call-out meeting during the month of November. “So the three of us (board members) are currently trying to make some solid plans for the future and once we get those going we’re planning to have a call out meeting,” ISA officer and sophomore Alina...

Indian Student Alliance to create goals for club

AWSOME ALLIANCE Aryaman Gupta, ISA club president and senior, meets up with his veteran members: senior Mariam Bari and junior Alina Husain. PHOTO/ ANNIKA WOLFF


September 23, 2015

Indian Student Alliance (ISA) veteran members are meeting today at the Carmel Clay Public Library. The purpose of the meeting is to formulate specific goals for the club to follow this school year. Veteran members include Aryaman Gupta, ISA club president and senior, senior Mariam Bari and junior Alina...

From July to August, the first Mormon Indiana temple will hold a public open house

Sets of glass windows adorn the sides of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple. The installation of these exterior windows began in June 2014, and it was completed in September of that year. ANNIKA WOLFF / PHOTO


May 21, 2015

The Indianapolis Indiana temple will host a public open house Monday through Saturday from July 17 to Aug. 8. During the open house tour, the public will learn about the importance of the temple. Mormon and junior Aubrie Browne said the open house is a great opportunity for the public to go inside and...

Indian Student Alliance will not have a meeting this Friday

Indian Student Alliance (ISA) members at the Holi party from last school year.


April 16, 2015

Indian Student Alliance (ISA) will not have a club meeting this week do to scheduling conflicts with the members. The executive council members are all seniors and have been unable to meet to discuss club details. Nida Khan, club president and senior, has not decided when the next meeting will o...

Indian Student Alliance to go to movies


March 20, 2015

Indian Student Alliance (ISA) plans to go to a movie sometime in the next few weeks on a Tuesday to see a movie. The movie will not be decided until arriving at the theater. So far the choices are “The Duff” and “Cinderella” The purpose for the event is a club-bonding experience before many of...

Indian Student Alliance and Muslim Student Alliance to hold joint fundraiser


February 27, 2015

On March 1, Indian Student Alliance (ISA) and Muslim Student Alliance (MSA) will hold a joint fundraiser in Main Cafeteria from 5 to 8 p.m. The fundraiser is for a young Kenyan girl by the name of Salma. In 2012, she came to the United States for a 36-hour surgery to fix her scoliosis. The doctor who p...

ISA cultural events might be cancelled


February 6, 2015

Chinese New Year and Holi are approaching this month and next month, causing Nida Khan, Indian Student Alliance (ISA) president and senior, and Matthew Zheng, CHS Epic and junior to worry about the progress of their plans for cultural events. Neither have spoken with their sponsors. “There was a...

Indian Student to meet Dec. 4, plan Cultural Events

 ISA members during a Friday meeting listen to Nida Khan, club president and senior.


December 2, 2014

On Dec. 4, Indian Student Alliance (ISA) will make plans for cultural events with other foreign cultural clubs in Room A326 after school. ISA member and sophomore Vishnu Vaid approached Nida Khan, club president and senior, earlier this month about doing events with other clubs. The meeting will take...

DECA Coffee Shop Opens in Spirit Shop

Zak Grove, DECA member and senior, prepares the new DECA-operated coffee shop, which opens on Oct. 2, for use. DECA members had to present a plan to Principal John Williams before obtaining permission to run the shop. ANNIKA WOLFF / PHOTO


October 3, 2014

Starting this Friday, Oct. 3, students who need a quick caffeine fix in the mornings can bypass Starbucks and head straight to the new coffee shop that will be opening up inside the spirit shop. Hoping to increase the amount of students who visit the spirit shop and earn revenue for the business department,...