ISA leadership sit down at lunch to discuss new changes for the club. PHOTO/ ANNIKA WOLFF

Indian Student Association has new leaders

Beats February 3, 2016

Indian Student Association (ISA) has been searching for a new identify all year with the lost of its founder and president graduating last year. While senior Aryaman Gupta was president beginning this...

Aryaman Gupta, ISA club president and senior, sits with friends at lunch. PHOTO/ ANNIKA WOLFF

Indian Student Association plans for the future

Beats January 13, 2016

Indian Student Association (ISA) is still in the process of making plans for the new semester. While the members still have not held a meeting since after winter break, there are still some plans under...

INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC: Meet CHS's National Merit Semifinalists, 2016

INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC: Meet CHS’s National Merit Semifinalists, 2016

perspectives December 3, 2015


The three club members: Aryman Gupta, ISA club president and senior, ISA officer and senior Mariam Bari and ISA officer and junior Alina Hussain have a meeting after school at the library. PHOTO/ ANNIKA WOLFF

Indian Student Association plans to have call-out meeting in November

Beats November 10, 2015

Indian Student Association (ISA) plans to hold a call-out meeting during the month of November. “So the three of us (board members) are currently trying to make some solid plans for the future and once...

Gupta talks with friends after an AP exam. Gupta may take over as president of ISA next year, but it is still undecided.

Indian Student Alliance has yet to choose next president

Beats May 12, 2015

Many of the members of Indian Student Alliance (ISA) will be graduating in May, which will leave the club without leadership in the coming fall. Club sponsor and teacher Paige Wehr, has some concerns...

Caption: Aryaman Gupta, TechHOUNDS student team leader and junior talks to his fellow team members at competition. At the Feb. 17 competition, the team placed 6th overall. JESSICA TAO / PHOTO

TechHOUNDS successful early in season, prepare for March 19 competition

Contributor March 19, 2015

TechHOUNDS, this school’s robotics team, competed at their first district competition on Feb. 17. They placed 6th overall. TechHOUNDS assistant and Engineering teacher Sid Swartzendruber said the team...

Juniors Kalen Rudd, Aryaman Gupta and Sameer Leley fix the robot.  TechHounds is in the process of creating multiple prototypes. JESSICA TAO/ PHOTO

TechHOUNDS began Build Season Jan. 3, builds new prototypes

Beats January 14, 2015

TechHOUNDS, this school’s robotics team, kicked off their build season on Jan. 3. Since then, members have been meeting every day after school for about 3 hours. TechHOUNDS sponsor and teacher John...

The executive council of ISA stand at the call out meeting and introduce themselves to the new club members.

Indian Student Alliance to Hold Diwali Party

Beats September 25, 2014

Indian Student Alliance (ISA) will have an executive council meeting this Friday in Room A326 to plan a Diwali celebration. Diwali is a Hindu festival that means the festival of lights. Officer and...

Aryaman Gupta sits in on an officer meeting Aug. 29.

Indian Student Alliance to hold call-out meeting

Beats September 16, 2014

On Sept. 19 Indian Student Alliance (ISA) plans to hold a call-out meeting in Room A326 after school. The club’s goals this year are to gain new members and be involved in a variety of activities....

Sophomores Sameer Leley, Aryaman Gupta and Kalen Rudd make adjustments to the shooter. TechHOUNDs tested out its prototype for the first time after school on Monday, Jan. 27. PHOTO / JESSICA TAO

TechHOUNDs completes first prototype, awaits confirmation of robot legality

Beats January 31, 2014

TechHOUNDs, the robotics team, completed its first robot design and tested it out on Jan. 27. TechHOUNDs sponsor George Giltner said the designing has gone well, although the design is subject to change...

Tech Hounds member and senior Joshua Chang works on cadding a tennis shooter. During the off-season, Tech Hounds constructs two shooters for real competitions later on in the year. JESSICA TAO / PHOTO

Tech Hounds has successful CAGE Match and continues to train members

Beats October 29, 2013

Tech Hounds, the robotics engineering team, recently attended its first ever CAGE Match and earned first place. According to sponsor George Giltner, the rookie team did surprisingly well. Member and sophomore...

Sophomore Aryaman Gupta and other TechHounds member test out an old robot.  TechHounds is preparing for a Cage Match in October, where they will scrimmage with last year’s robot at Southport High School.

Tech Hounds has successful call-out meeting, prepares for Cage Match

Beats September 17, 2013

Tech Hounds recently had its call-out meeting on Sept. 5. It is now working to train new members for the upcoming Cage Match. Member and sophomore Zachary Simpson said that this year was the largest turn...

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