Queen Bee: Sophomore Allison Pasheilich owns about 60,000 bees

Beekeeper and sophomore Allison Pasheilich looks at a bee on her hand while wearing her favorite shirt, one that features a bee pattern. She said she likes beekeeping as a side hobby but wouldn't want to pursue it as an occupation.

Angela Qian

September 20, 2019

How did you get into beekeeping? My grandpa found out that he could have bees, and he lives up in South Bend (Indiana). He basically found out that he wasn’t not allowed to have bees. That’s kind of the person that he is. He does stuff because he can. He found out, and he got bees, and we went ...

BEE-HOLD THE BUZZ: Senior Kyle Betelak is a beekeeper

BEE-HOLD THE BUZZ: Senior Kyle Betelak is a beekeeper


April 23, 2015

Photos by Kyle Crawford What is beekeeping? So basically, you just have a bunch of bees to keep them for the environment and collect their honey. You monitor them every couple of days that they are doing fine and doing everything you are wanting them to do and watch their progress and make s...