World language teachers say being bicultural broadens perspectives


February 15, 2013

Besides teaching world languages at this school, German teacher Angelika Becker and Spanish teacher Norma Schehl have something else in common: They both grew up speaking a language other than English in small towns not within the United States. “I think that growing up in one country and then living i...

Bilingualism offers students advantages in cognitive control

Bilingualism offers students advantages in cognitive control


April 27, 2012

Fluent in both French and English, junior Eleanor Spolyar considers herself to be a bilingual. At home, Spolyar’s mom speaks to her in French while her dad speaks to her in English. Spolyar said, “When I come home from school, my mom might say, ‘Oh, how are you?’ in French, and then my dad...

Lost in the Melting Pot


November 20, 2009

Second-plus generation immigrants are losing their heritage in modern American society, especially the ability to speak another language By Rebecca Xu <[email protected]> The music blares. People sing. It’s Indian dance class where junior Perky Bhargava has attended every Sunday for 13 years. Howeve...