Students consider benefits, challenges of returning to two sessions in SSRT

Students consider benefits, challenges of returning to two sessions in SSRT

Jillian Moore February 11, 2021

Starting this semester, this school has returned to two sessions in Student Support Resource Time (SSRT). Students can now visit two teachers’ classrooms during an SSRT class, as opposed to last semester...

Schedule changes to accommodate ISTEP+

Schedule changes to accommodate ISTEP+

Zainab Idrees January 8, 2021

With COVID-19 making schools resort to online learning this past spring, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) announced the cancellations of many of its state standardized tests, including the Indiana...

Q&A with Assistant Principal Brittany Wiseman over new SSRT

Q&A with Assistant Principal Brittany Wiseman over new SSRT

Zainab Idrees September 8, 2020

Assistant Principal Brittany Wiseman Who exactly made the decision to make the change from SRT to SSRT? The teachers and the administration knew that we needed to make a change after we looked...

Cassidy Bruner, JEL student and senior,  spends time pretending to  moving a patient into a wheelchair with a mannequin. JEL students get time to apply their learnings outside of class, whether that is as an intern, or when visiting hospitals and other locations that work with JEL.

J. Everett Light Center health science education courses to become semester long classes taught at CHS

Cady Armstrong January 23, 2020

For the 2020-2021 academic school year, the J. Everett Light Center (JEL) courses Health Science Education: Nursing and Emergency Medical Services classes will move to CHS and become semester courses....

Assistant Principal Brittany Wiseman

Q&A with Assistant Principal Brittany Wiseman: Parking Permits

Riya Chinni September 21, 2018

Why did we start using parking permits? To give you a little background information first, we’re actually one of the only schools in our area that doesn’t have parking permits, so when we were reviewing...

Assistant principal Brittany Wiseman checks the attendance list. She said she would define online harassment as an act performed intentionally to annoy or provoke someone.

Online Harassment? Students, staff define online harassment, reflect on its effects

Raphael Li April 20, 2018

To most students, the bell at the end of fourth period signals the end of school. But, for Claire Estabrook, Instagram model and senior, it is not only the end of the school day but also the start of a...

Members of the group Lets Talk continue their discussion on how to create a better environment at CHS for open discussion. Selin Oh, founder of the group Let’s Talk and junior, said she believes it is important to increase the conversation.

One hundred and counting: With this school’s wide array of over 100 clubs, new groups continue to form

Emily Dexter, News Editor September 21, 2017

Over the summer, in the cafe at the Carmel Clay Public Library (CCPL), Selin Oh, founder of the group Let’s Talk and junior, and her team members met with students from Linguistics Club and Di-Verse,...

The poster that Voices United had rejected from CHS administration.

Voices United sues CHS for not allowing pro-choice poster

Adam Gostomelsky March 10, 2017

Voices United, a club at CHS, has filed a lawsuit against the school after having its pro-choice poster rejected after multiple iterations. The lawsuit comes on the heels of the recent controversy...

TEDx officers (starting from left) Selin Oh, Shubhi Sinha, Shae Rickel and Hannah Paul discuss poster designs for their upcoming event. The club said it plans on meeting with Wiseman for poster approval soon.

Policing Policies: Students reflect on the challenges and strengths of new poster policy

Adhi Ramkumar, Entertainment Copy Editor February 23, 2017

According to the center for Public Education, students’ freedom of speech at school has been a conflicting issue throughout the United States’ history. The recurrence of this conflict has resulted...

Cafeteria worker prepares food that adheres to new nutrition requirements. SARAH LIU / PHOTO

New nutrition standards limit bake sales, fund-raisers

News September 11, 2014

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) ruled that all foods sold during the school day must meet certain nutrient standards. The rule also states food sold at bake sales must meet these standards...

Junior Class to begin scheduling Jan. 10

Beats January 5, 2012

The Junior Class will begin scheduling on Jan. 10, according to counseling secretary Julie Van Buren. “The juniors will meet in groups with their counselors  in the auditorium,” Van Buren said. The...

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