Junior Adi Ariyur works on his CHS Club Access app. He said a challenge he faced while coding the app was using a Django framework, because he had to implement multiple user types and handle administration, sponsor, and member logins.

Q&A with 2020 Congressional App Challenge winner, junior Adi Ariyur

Emily Sandy March 16, 2021

Please describe your app and all it does. Why is it important?  The purpose of CHS Club Access is to promote and allow for the easier management of clubs. In the management aspect of this app, admins...

Cybersecurity students present their project on artifacts. Artifacts are pieces of data that the user leaves such as system and network logs and have been the focus of early cybersecurity units.

Cybersecurity Q&A

Darshini Shankar October 12, 2020

Cybersecurity Teacher Carey Anderson  What classes do you teach here at CHS? “I have personally taught Intro to Computer Science (and) Computer Science Principles, which is an AP course. I also...

Evan Kenyon (center) and Joseph Paavola (left), Code for Change officers and seniors, work together on code. The club meets after school on Tuesdays.

Evan Kenyon, winner of Congressional App Challenge, Code for Change officer and senior, develops SRT pass app

Lillian He January 24, 2019

How did you get involved with coding? It started a long time ago. My dad has always been interested in it, and in elementary school I got a book (about) really basic coding because I was fascinated...

Finding how it works (Q&A): Parker Lawrence is a CHS student who is working on his own game engine, programming language, and computer.

Finding how it works (Q&A): Parker Lawrence is a CHS student who is working on his own game engine, programming language, and computer.

Michelle Yin, Reporter October 20, 2016

What inspired you to pursue these projects in making your own game engine, and computer? PL: I’m really fascinated with how things work, so if I get an explanation of how something works, I don’t...

(Left to right) Jackie Hu, Kimaya Raje, Katy Voor and Claudia Shelbourne, STEM Club members and juniors, discuss computer science. Raje said club members are researching computer science in order to peer mentor other students and earn the Honda STEM grant. ALEX YOM / PHOTO

STEM Club applies for computer science grant

News February 20, 2015

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Club plans to apply for a grant on May 1 in order to create a program that peer mentors students through teaching them computer science, according...

Margaret Winans, AP Computer Science teacher, helps a student out in class. Winans said she has seen an increase in student interest in computer science.

CHS students show an upward trend in interest for computer science

feature March 27, 2014

In a peculiar incident four years ago, sophomore Duncan McConnell discovered a passion that would remain with him to this day. “I first got interested in computer science back in sixth grade when...

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