Girls Who Code starts again for the new semester

Matthew Du

Emerson Barrett, president of the Girls Who Code (GWC) club and junior, is planning new ideas to start off the new semester. 

She said, “(During meetings), there will be a mini lesson on a woman in the STEM field, usually related to whatever project we’re currently working on. Then we work on our projects, and sometimes do gallery walks for them.”

Sarah Robinson, sponsor of the club and AP Computer Science teacher, explains their past projects and events.

Robinson said, “So far, they’ve created a game and I believe the current (project) is creating a website or web page and there is time on that where the girls can collaborate and share their work. Then, usually, there’s a female in the industry spotlighted.”

Barrett encourages beginners in computer science to join GWC and their projects. 

She said, “I mean maybe if, say, the current project is game design, and you’ve never done that before, and don’t know where to start, it can be difficult to get going. But I think that’s part of the fun, learning new programming languages, or just new concepts in general.”

Girls Who Code also branches out to other groups, teaching them about computer science.

Robinson said, “I know one of the main things that they’ve done in the past is hosting an event for Girl Scouts where they could earn a patch for computer science.”