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Sophomore Eric Zhu sits on a toilet with his laptop open. Zhu said that his company Aviato is a way for people to engage in venture capitalism anywhere, anytime. (Submitted photo: Eric Zhu)

Students reflect on job experiences, apply them to future careers

Royce Brown April 8, 2023

Junior Hayden Kress fidgets with his pen as he works on completing his homework for precalculus/trigonometry. Tapping the pen on his desk, twisting the cap and clicking it, he does anything to keep himself...

A representative for Mike’s Crew Carwash waits for students to arrive at her station at the job fair. The job fair was an opportunity for students to find and gain work experience while still in high school.

CHS students share how pandemic has shaped views on employment

Raghav Sriram May 16, 2021

Amidst the pandemic, junior Grace Sullivan laces up in her personal protective equipment before departing for work. “I work at the Carmel Senior Living Center so each time I go to work I need to make...

If I stick to what I want to do with my future, I’ll be fine, because after high school I want to go into pharmacy at Purdue, and if I go through the entire program, which at least in terms of my degree, will guarantee me a job. It shows I’ve put in the work, and I’ve proven that I can do the job. If I stick with that I’m fine, but if I don’t then I don’t really know what will happen.

I have concerns; as time increases, it gets harder to get a job. 50 years ago, you could get a job with just a high school degree, but now it’s hard to get a job even with a bachelor’s. So as time goes on, it gets harder.

Higher Education: Students, Teacher Reflect on Impact of College on Employment

Alanna Wu February 21, 2018

In current times, it seems like the emphasis on higher education is greater than ever — the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce predicted that at least 65 percent of jobs by 2020 will require...

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