Ambassadors to compete in Chicagoland Showcase March 7

Kathleen Muloma, alto section leader for the Ambassadors and senior, in her Blue Day second period choir class. Muloma said the Ambassadors won third place at a recent competition, and it is driving the group for their next competition. LAUREN LU / PHOTO


March 4, 2015

The Ambassadors are gearing up for their biggest competition of the season: the Chicagoland Showcase on Mar. 7. Update: The Accents were Grand Champions in the Unisex division, and the Ambassadors were First Runners-Up in the Mixed division. According to performing arts teacher John Burlace, the Amba...

Ambassadors prepare for competition season

Ambassadors prepare for competition season


January 12, 2015

On Jan. 7, the Ambassadors finished choreographing their competition show. According to Kathleen Muloma, alto section leader for the Ambassadors, they have planned everything apart from several transitions, entrances, and exits. “The first time we compete is Feb. 7. It’s really soon,” perfor...

Share the Music club update calendar for their next preformances


March 17, 2014

Share the Music club has updated supersass.com, the website that Share the Music club uses to calendar all of their musical performances. The next upcoming events are March 22, April 13, April 19, April 26, May 4 and May 17 at Clare Bridge, Stratford and Summer Trace. “It is a good thing that we...

Three speech team members to State March 15


March 14, 2014

While the entire team did not qualify at Sectional, speech team co-sponsor Anna Kaiser said three speech team members will be competing in the State meet March 15 at Fishers High School. “(Junior) Bobby Greaser, (senior) Claudia Benz and (senior) Chelsea Yedinak will be representing Carmel Hig...

Performance helps students gain experience for ISSMA competition


February 20, 2014

The next schedules performance is this Saturday, February 22, at Summer Trace. “The seniors there are delightful and there’s usually a large turnout in the audience. Currently we have four people signed up to play, but more may decide to go during the week,” Lauren Lu said, Vice President of the...

No speech team meets due to Dance Marathon

Speech team co-sponsor Anna Kaiser reads


February 18, 2014

According to speech team co-sponsor Anna Kaiser, speech team will be attending no meets the upcoming weekend of Feb. 22 and 23. “There is one coming up this weekend, but a lot of our students are participating in Dance Marathon, so we’re going to hold off and see if there’s one the next weekend,”...

Speech team to compete at Speedway 500 Feb. 8

Speech team co-sponsor Anna Kaiser speaks with a girl at a speech team meeting. Kaiser said the next tournament will be on Feb. 8. PHOTO / LAUREN LU


February 2, 2014

Due to weather concerns, sponsors cancelled the IUPUC/Ivy Tech Invitational, previously scheduled for Jan. 25. Speech team co-sponsor Anna Kaiser said she thinks the next scheduled meet, the Speedway 500 on Feb. 8, will not be cancelled due to weather. “The weather in Columbus was predicted to ...

Speech team to attend tournament on Jan. 18

Freshman Kate Hawkins practices a humorous interpretation piece during a club meeting. Hawkins said she performed the piece with a partner in a duo in the past, but now performs both parts by herself. PHOTO / LAUREN LU


January 15, 2014

Speech team will attend the JEFForensics Tournament on Jan. 18, according to speech team co-sponsor Jacleen Joiner. “(It) is in Lafayette, Indiana,” she said. “This is our first competition where we’re actually going away; it’s not in the area. So we’re excited to have our first get a...

Next speech team meet on Jan. 11

Speech team co-sponsor Jacleen Joiner speaks at a club meeting. Joiner said the next competition is scheduled for Jan. 11. PHOTO / LAUREN LU


December 27, 2013

Speech team's next meet will be in La Porte on Jan. 11, and, according to speech team co-sponsor Jacleen Joiner, there may be a bus provided for the two-hour drive there if enough team members decide to compete. Joiner said she wants to obtain a license for bus driving to make transportation more convenient...

Next speech team meet at Fort Wayne on Dec. 14

Speech team co-sponsor Anna Kaiser holds this year's team's first trophy. Kaiser said speech team placed sixth overall at the Noblesville meet. LAUREN LU / PHOTO


November 19, 2013

According to speech team co-sponsor Anna Kaiser, the next team meet will be at Fort Wayne on Dec. 14. Kaiser said nine people participated in the previous competition in Noblesville on Nov. 9. Four of them were finalists. According to Kaiser, junior Bobby Greaser placed second in the competit...

Speech team meeting Oct. 28 to discuss first competition


October 27, 2013

“Our first competition will be coming up this November,” speech team co-sponsor Anna Kaiser said via email. Kaiser said the team will meet in Room E111 on Oct. 28. “During the meeting, we will be discussing with our team members which category they want to compete in and figure out what materials...

HiLite staff earns CSPA Gold Circle awards

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September 27, 2013

HiLite staff members received Gold Circle awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA), according to a press release sent out on Sept. 20. The 30-year-old award program recognizes work from student journalists, published in print or online between June 16, 2012 and June 15, 2013. The CSPA...