Halloween Costume Contest

October 25, 2018

CONTEST WINNERS:     Best Group Costume (left): Junior Jayana Hammonds Funniest Costume (right): Junior Olivia Roop...

Softball team to compete in the North Central sectional on May 22

Olivia Roop, softball player and sophomore hits a softball during practice. Roop played on both the CHS softball team and the Indiana Mustangs team this year.

Kelly Truax

May 19, 2018

The game will take place at Westfield and will start at 7:30 p.m. In preparation for the game, the team has been practicing to improve their skills. According to Head Coach Ginger Britton, they have a typical practice schedule they loosely follow. “Our practice is typically split with an offense d...

Softball team competed against Crown Point on May 12

Sophomore Olivia Roop hits a softball in the Hittrax sensor. The sensor tracked the speed of her hit, the angle she swung her bat and the area in which the softball would have traveled if on a real field.

Kelly Truax

May 19, 2018

The game was held at New Palestine at noon. Head Coach Ginger Britton has a goal for the team to achieve by the end of the season. “A goal for this season is to win games in the postseason. Our sectional is very tough, and with a young team that is learning to play together, we are hoping that we...

Tapping into Technology: Athletes look outside of CHS to access special types of technology

Smart Sensor:
The HitTrax stimulation shows  what happens after Sophomore Olivia Roop hits a softball. Roop said she has to go to her club facility to access the technology.

Kelly Truax

March 23, 2018

Some athletics programs have implemented various forms of new technology throughout the past few years. While CHS doesn’t own many of these technologies, some athletes said they use this technology in their club seasons. For example, Olivia Roop, softball player and sophomore, uses different for...