Accents perform at last competition this year this weekend

Accent and senior Semanti Naiken sings at afternoon rehearsal. Naiken was sick at the last competition at Jefferson High School so she said she will focus on maintaining her health for the final competition in Nashville, Tenn.

Alina Yu

March 21, 2019

On March 14, Accents will travel down to Nashville, Tenn. to perform in the last competition of this school year on March 15, the Heart of America Competition. Accent and senior Semanti Naiken said, “I am really excited. This is our big trip for the year, and I have definitely been looking forward ...

Club Med to prepare for March 18 meeting

Sponsor and science teacher Alyssa Mastin talks with a senior Semanti Naiken about a Top Scholar nomination. Mastin said she often stays after school to talk with students or finish her work.

Tara Kandallu

March 14, 2019

Club Med leaders plan to have their next meeting on March 18 after hosting Antwione Haywood, the Assistant Dean of Indiana University School of Medicine on Feb. 11. Leaders are not sure what exactly their next meeting will entail, but plan to either do a strawberry DNA extraction or host physician’s assistants from Butler University. Co-president and senior Shubhi Sinha said, “W...

Accents to compete in first show choir competition of the school year

 The Accents rehearse in the evening and wait for instructions on blocking choreography. Accent and senior Semanti Naiken said this week the Accents began rehearsing with costumes for their first show choir competition on Feb. 16.

Alina Yu

February 2, 2019

On Feb. 16, the Accents will travel to Center Grove High School for their first show choir competition of the school year and will perform their set at 11 a.m. According to director of choirs Kathrine Kouns, the Center Grove High School competition is a very good contest that provides a great facility, a...

Accents sell poinsettias along with whole choir department

Senior Semanti Naiken looks over the choir poinsettia sale form with junior Aidan Mellor. The choir department started to sell the flowers prior to the holiday season four years ago.

Alina Yu

November 1, 2018

The choir department is having its fourth annual poinsettia sale until Friday, Nov. 2, according to director of choirs Kathrine Kouns. Poinsettias are sold in the colors of red, white, pink and ice crystals in sizes of 6.5 inches and 8 inches. The delivery date is Nov. 30. Accent and senior Semanti N...