Club Med to prepare for March 18 meeting


Sponsor and science teacher Alyssa Mastin talks with a senior Semanti Naiken about a Top Scholar nomination. Mastin said she often stays after school to talk with students or finish her work.

Tara Kandallu

Club Med leaders plan to have their next meeting on March 18 after hosting Antwione Haywood, the Assistant Dean of Indiana University School of Medicine on Feb. 11. Leaders are not sure what exactly their next meeting will entail, but plan to either do a strawberry DNA extraction or host physician’s assistants from Butler University.

Co-president and senior Shubhi Sinha said, “We are looking at a few things for our next meeting. I know that Mrs. Mastin is still trying to contact the people at Butler, so we are kind of between that and the DNA extraction. I think both will be interesting because one is a speaker that we really enjoyed last year and the other is a fun lab.”

Club Med leaders also announced their new leadership at the beginning of the last meeting, naming a president and a vice president along with two others. These positions are different from this year’s leadership because their positions are more distinct.

Alyssa Mastin, sponsor and science teacher, said, “I was much more a fan of (the new leadership stratification). Instead of them all being co-presidents, which I think is their technical title this year, they actually are tiering it a little bit. I think that will be helpful because I think they will have more defined roles and have a clearer ideas on what responsibilities they have.” By Tara Kandallu