Greyhound Connections plans to host new student breakfast on April 17

Sloan Belveal, Greyhound Connections president and senior, outside Mr. Stuelpe’s room, E219, during SRT. All Greyhound Connections members share an SRT in order to visit new students.

Armaan Goel

March 22, 2019

Greyhound Connections, a club helping sophomores, juniors and seniors new to CHS adjust to the school, plans to host a new student breakfast on April 17. “We are also planning a breakfast for new students and their teachers that we are going to do on April 17 during the Late Start,” Sloan Belve...

Choirs finish auditions, begin preparations for spring concert

Director of Choirs Katherine Kouns sends an email to Jeff Worrell, a member of the Chamber of Commerce on March 7 in her office. The email was in regards to possible promotion of Select Sound’s Ear Candy concert, which will take place two days after they return from Washington D.C.

Josie Cruzan

March 22, 2019

The choirs finished auditions in the first week of March, and now the three choir directors, Katherine Kouns, Kyle Barker and Sam Chenoweth, are working to place the students who auditioned into the choirs that the directors feel are the best fit. Choir placements will be announced the week of March 24 t...

Sophomore Raymond “Ray” Mo

Sophomore Raymond

Michelle Lu

February 22, 2019

"Just over the summer, I started looking at fashion related sites. I did a bit more research and I realized that I didn’t dress that well. I think that fashion and clothes play a large part in who I am because I guess it’s a form of self-expression. It’s just because you can wear whatever you want...

Sophomore Isabella “Izzy” Topp

Sophomore Isabella

February 22, 2019

"I’d say my style… I definitely enjoy being comfortable, but it’s kind of nice especially if people point out your outfit; it’s a little bit of validation, of course. Especially in high school compared to middle school, there’s a lot more emphasis on dressing nice, and teachers definitely n...

Sophomore Brian Waddell

Sophomore Brian Waddell

November 16, 2018

“I play on the basketball team. It’s impacted me because we have players that come in and push each other every day, and it’s helped me off the basketball court.”

Marching to her Own Beat (Q&A): Caroline Heyl is the only sophomore drum major in marching band this year

Marching to her Own Beat (Q&A): Caroline Heyl is the only sophomore drum major in marching band this year

Hannah Glazier, Reporter

October 13, 2016

What is your role in Marching Band and why is it important? Drum majors during competitions their most major role is conducting and stuff like that. During practice, it's a lot more micromanaging such as leading small exercises, rehearsal, warm ups and helping people be the best marchers and player...

Guest Speaker Ken Larose to come for seniors on Oct. 16 while other grades take standardized tests

Student Body President George Gemelas works on a computer to prepare issues to discuss with the administration. Gemelas said he hopes that senior attendance will improve this year on PSAT day, but is doubtful. HUANG/PHOTO


October 13, 2013

Ken Larose, associate athletic director at Butler University, has been invited to speak to seniors on Oct. 16, the day that the PSAT will be administered to the juniors and sophomores and the PLAN for freshmen, according to Principal John Williams. Seniors will rotate from three sessions, each lasting...

Sophomore John Lawless aspires to use his experience as a student pilot to achieve his goals in aviation

HIGH FLYER: John Lawless boards his aircraft at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport. JOHN LAWLESS / SUBMITTED PHOTO


January 24, 2013

What made you want to learn how to fly a plane? I always thought planes were cool since I was a kid, and, well, I never outgrew it. I was the kid on the baseball diamond who would always look up at first sound of a plane and scan the sky for it; I’m still like that today.   How long has becoming a pilot taken? Well, so far I have 46 hours of ...

Young Guns: Although many sports at this school are primarily led by seniors, some younger athletes still play the role of leader on their teams

Young Guns: Although many sports at this school are primarily led by seniors, some younger athletes still play the role of leader  on their teams


May 18, 2012

Bailey Padgett, tennis player and sophomore, achieved her high goal of winning the State Championship for the first time last year. As she celebrated with her fellow tennis players after match point, she said it was a surreal moment, an unbelievable feeling. Still, with seven total State Championships...

Sophomore Class encourages Dance Marathon participation


January 26, 2012

The Sophomore Class officers plan to encourage their fellow classmates to participate in Dance Marathon. According to Sophomore Class president Lauren Fogel, she hopes that all sophomores come to the event as it is for a charitable cause. "We’re doing this for the kids, you know, so we want as many people a...

Sophomore Class officers organize Profits from Homecoming activities

Sophomore Class secretary Joseph Lee helps out with painting during Playhouse Building on Sept. 15. The Sophomore Class auctioned off its playhouse and donated all proceeds to Promising Futures of Central Indiana. DHRUTI PATEL / PHOTO


September 23, 2011

The Sophomore Class officers have begun to count and organize all of the money raised from the Homecoming 5K Walk/Run and Playhouse Building. According to sophomore class president Lauren Fogel, this money will go to the Sophomore Class charity, Promising Futures of Central Indiana, a non-for-profit...