Family vacations create lasting memories, bring families closer together

Family vacations create lasting memories, bring families closer together

Kris Otten

March 20, 2020

The information in this issue—originally scheduled for publication on March 20—was written and produced prior to news regarding school cancellation from the COVID-19 virus. Some information may be outdated or inaccurate as a result. Student staff members worked hard to produce this content and,...

Students, travel professionals, consider benefits of traveling during holiday season

Junior Michelle Boulos smiles next to a mountain range. Boulos said she loves traveling because she gets to experience it with family.
Submitted Photo by Michelle Boulos

Marissa Ryan

December 12, 2019

For many, the joy of the holiday season is the hope of the stereotypical “winter wonderland” on Christmas morning, but for junior Michelle Boulos, she would rather see that snow in much warmer liquid form. Boulos, who has traveled her entire life during Christmas and plans to go to Aruba this ye...

Homecoming ’19: Tourist Day [MUSE]

Homecoming '19: Tourist Day [MUSE]

Grace Xu and Shruthi Ravichandran

September 23, 2019

Happy Tourist day! It's the first day of Homecoming week and we're kicking it off by wishing we were literally anywhere else but here! So grab your passport and explore some of our top picks for all things travel related. Book: Crazy Rich Asians  Song: Somewhere Beyond the Sea by Frank Sinatra  Movie: Roma...

FestiFails: Students should consider closer, cheaper alternatives to summer music festivals

FestiFails: Students should consider closer, cheaper alternatives to summer music festivals

Livvie Hurley

May 23, 2019

As summer draws closer, so does the start of the music festival season. However, I will not be one of the estimated 400,000 people attending Lollapalooza in August or one of the 80,000 attending Bonnaroo in June. As much as I would like to go to a music festival, there are some major inconveniences w...

Students at CHS disagree with Trump’s former executive order

On Jan. 29, junior Alexis O’Brien went to a Trump protest at the Indianapolis International Airport to protest against the president’s executive order to temporarily ban immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries. O’Brien made a sign saying “We Love You,” in Arabic, French and English. She said that she doesn’t support Trump’s order because not all immigrants are terrorists and because the issue blocked some Americans who were returning back to the US from one of those countries.

Allison Li, Beats Editor

February 21, 2017

Junior Alexis O’Brien   Did you agree with Trump’s decision? Can you see where he’s coming from? Not at all. I don't agree with Trump’s policies. I agree that vetting could be a little stronger but that was extreme and I know plenty of people from those countries who aren...

CHS students travel more with multiple generations, extended family

CHS students travel more with multiple generations, extended family


March 20, 2015

Over winter break, freshman Nora Clemens went to the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. It wasn’t just a simple getaway to soak up some sun, though. Clemens was accompanied by her immediate family, two aunts and their respective families, her grandparents and a great-aunt: 18 people in total. “There were a lot ...

Student Speak-Ups


March 20, 2015

If you could host an exchange student from any foreign country, which one would it be and why? Senior Alex Bissell “I would host someone from Europe because it seems like the closest thing that I would be able to do. More specifically, I would want host someone from France because I am very interested in the ...

Spanish Teacher Kay Vazquez details her experiences abroad in Spain


October 3, 2013

Every student who has taken Spanish with me knows that I want all of my students to study in another country. My point of view and the way I look at things were affected deeply by experiences I had while living abroad.  As a person growing up on a farm in rural Indiana I never imagined that I would...

Orchestra trip to China delayed due to blizzard, attracts news stations’ attention

A WishTV reporter interviews Melinda Song, symphony orchestra member and senior, at the Indianapolis International Airport. The orchestra was planning to travel to China for a group trip but had their flight postponed due to weather. Local news stations interviewed the orchestra on their situation. ROCHELLE BRUAL/ PHOTO


December 27, 2012

On Wednesday, several seniors from the CHS Symphony orchestra woke up and headed to the airport, planning on traveling to China for a group trip. The trip, where the students would perform at various theaters across China, had been planned for months. However, due to the blizzard that afflicted the s...

Tips for Travel Photography

Author Archives

May 27, 2011

"Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter." - Ansel Adams The way I see it, summer is an opportunity for 3 months of endless adventure. As summer is around the corner and school is coming to a close, the adventure season is about to take off. So before you boa...

The Universal Language


March 25, 2011

Although English is widely taught and spoken around the world, students discover importance of learning other languages when traveling abroad. By Sarah Yun <[email protected]> It was three years ago when sophomore Silvia Lee, knowing little about the Japanese language, went to Japan during summer break. Lee said because she was fluent in Engl...