Model Student


Sophomore Avery Briles is a signed model for the Helen Wells Agency

By Tony Tan

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What does a signed model do?
We sign a contract with the agency, which lasts one year, and you have to get pictures taken; (the contract) is called a comp card. You can be in commercials or ads, or people just pick you from the agency to do work for them.

Why did you start modeling?

I chose to start modeling because I love the fashion world, and I love everything it involves, especially just being part of the process of being in an ad. To be a good model, you have to be a good actress, too. You have to be able to convey emotions appropriately, so I’ve always thought that was really fun to do.

How much time does modeling take?

It depends – sometimes it will take all day. I was in the Art Institute (of Indianapolis) fashion show a few weeks ago, and I had to miss a whole day of school because we had two shows.

How do you prepare for fashion shows?

You always have to be practicing your walk. Different runways require different walks, like more of a steady, slow walk or a fast, upbeat walk.

What are the rewards that arise from those challenges?

Modeling pays really well. Once you get into it, you can get paid, like, $80 an hour just to be in an ad or something. And besides modeling, you meet a lot of interesting people. You meet make-up artists, hairstylists and beyond that, it’s just that the whole experience is amazing. Just the people you meet and being a part of the creative process.