Outfit of week 2/7/11

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Photo credit to Jenna Ruhayel

Hey guys! Sooo, even though the polls haven’t closed for last month’s outfit of the month (make sure to vote if you haven’t already), it’s time to start the outfit of the week for February! First off there’s Junior Brii Robbins. Look below for her interview!

How would you describe your style

Well I like to mix colors. I really like these shoes and I really like this scarf. I like to put things together that have different colors but still go together, like complimentary colors. I wear lots of black and I’m trying to get away from that.

What’s your favorite place to shop?

It’s mostly all over the place. I shop every where, anywhere there is a sale. I like Anthropology a lot, but I only shop their sale section. Mostly Goodwill actually.

Are there any particular magazines, shows, or other place that you go for inspiration?

I don’t watch TV so a lot of my inspiration comes from Tumblr and the Internet. I’m part of this online forum and they have recent purchases and fashion posts so I get a lot of inspiration from there.

Do you have a specific designer you like?

I have a lot actually! I like collections more than individual designers. I normally really like Proenza Schouler, but I didn’t like her Spring/Summer 2011 stuff at all. I like Yves Saint Laurent just because it’s super classic and I’m a little French girl at heart. That’s actually where most of my outfit is from.

What’s your favorite item/type of clothing that you own?

I like rings a lot. I have a couple that I wear almost everyday. I get all my jewelry from art fairs. I also like to wear dresses, so winter kind of sucks for that.