Drama plans visit to Scotland

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“It’s a huge honor to be invited,” Jim Peterson, director of theatre and film, said. “Only a few schools were invited to attend.”

A drama teacher at Ball State University and another high school drama teacher in the state nominated this school’s drama department.

In addition, according to Peterson, they filled out a lengthy application in February and received an acceptance letter in April.

According to Peterson, “I’m so excited for the trip. It’s really a fantastic opportunity.

“I actually went to Scotland over this summer to see exactly what’s going on at the festival. It was amazing. There were groups from all around the world there.”

Veno said she also is looking forward to the trip.

According to Veno, “It’s a two-week trip. We’re going to spend two days in London, sightseeing and watching a West End Theatre District play.”

“The rest of the trip will be in Edinburgh, where we’ll stay at the University of Edinburgh. Throughout the festival, we’ll perform our original play a total of four times.”

Veno said, “Along with us, there are so many different other plays going on and students from different schools from all over the world.”

Peterson said, “We’ll be meeting someday this week to discuss the central theme of the overall play. We know that we’re going to be doing documentary theatre at the (Edinburgh) festival.”

According to Peterson, although the students were initially excited about the possibility of going to Scotland, they were worried about the cost of the trip.

Veno said, “It’s a lot of money, so that’s why I’m saving up so soon. My parents are giving me opportunities to make money, so I have to take it because I have to cover all or most of the trip.

All students connected with the drama department are invited to go, as long as they are committed to paying the fee.

Although the final fee is not entirely available to Peterson, he said the estimated price is around $5,000 per student.

This will cover two weeks in London and Edinburgh and includes transportation, hotels, two meals a day, sightseeing and basic staging requirements for the play.

In addition, although students should plan on paying the full price of the trip, Behind the Scenes Club will work hard this school year to raise money to defray as much as the costs as possible.

Peterson said he advises students to bring enough additional money for any activities that deviate from the main group itinerary like side trips and shopping.

Veno said, “Edinburgh is an entire city that is really devoted to theatre and performing arts. I know that we’ll be able to gain a lot from the experience.”