Meet this year’s student leaders



Hail to the Chief

What can you bring to the table as our new SBP?

I think I can bring excitement to the student body and make people excited to raise money for Riley (Hospital for Children) or participate in Care to Share as an SRT.

What do you plan to do differently than the previous SBPs?

I’ll try to make all the Senators more respectful to the school and more disciplined. And get work not just done, but done to perfection.

What are your biggest challenges for this year?

One of the biggest challenges for next year would have to be beating the Dance Marathon (fundraising) goal because (last) year, they really made quite an increase from past years. Another big challenge would be just getting our school to be more spirited as a whole.

What do you want CHS students to know about you?

I’m not very serious in every situation, but I can be serious and get things done whenever needed.

The Speaker speaks up

What are your goals for this year as SOH?

I just want to have more successful events next year for House and try to get more of the student body involved with all those events. And just have more morale—have the school feeling good about everything.

How will you increase student involvement in school events?

Just get more promotion out and try to get House to tell everyone about it. All that kind of stuff: get on the announcements, try to be there, talk to people personally and everything like that.

What is the first thing you’re going to do to set the tone for this year?

There is the all school convo at the beginning of the year, so I just want to get everyone hyped during that. That will set the tone, hopefully.

What do you want CHS students to know about you?

I’m a friendly guy, and they can come talk to me whenever they want.