Art club makes ornaments

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By Lexi Compton

On Dec. 2, Art Club will have their annual Christmas party in C117 or C127, from 3:15 to 4:15 p.m. At this meeting members will make ornaments.

On the day of the Christmas party, the meeting will start out like it usually does and then the decorating will begin.

The ornaments have been made out of beads and pipe cleaners in the past. The members are allowed to take their craft home with them after they are done.

Taylor Smith, Art Club president and junior said, “Normally we start out with updates, what we’re doing, what’s coming up. Then we will probably spread the materials around, and have someone be in charge.”

Club sponsor Linda Lutes said, “It’s a quick elementary project, but they have fun with it because it is quick and easy, but they can create their own design and pick out their own bead choices.”