Student Athletic Board members plan to attend training session

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By: Brittani Wheeler <[email protected]>

Student Athletic Board plans to begin their visits to elementary schools after the members attend a training session located in Washington Township on Oct. 30.

Sponsor Jennifer Marlow said that there will be multiple schools meeting there for the training. “This is a statewide program and the NCAA plans to take it nationally,” she said.

According to Marlow, the members have not gone to a training in previous years, but the sponsors decided that it is necessary for the large number of members who are new to the group. “Many of the senior members graduated this year. This will help the members learn more about the RICHER principle that we use and also teach them how to give presentations to elementary students,” Marlow said.

The RICHER principle is an acronym that stands for respect, integrity, caring, harmony, excellence and responsibility according to Marlow. Throughout the school year, the students visit their assigned elementary school six times during SRT. They incorporate one part of this principle into each visit. This year Marlow said her goal is to incorporate as many elementary schools as possible into the program.

Samantha Champion, competitive cheerleader on the board and senior, said that this is her first year in the program. “I got involved for the kids and am looking forward to being a role model,” she said.

Student Athletic Board meets during SRT in their sponsor’s room. This year the students will be in sponsor Gabe Johnson’s room during SRT for the first semester. He said that this is his first year helping with the program, but that he was involved in it in college. “I am excited to watch them go out and seeing them get involved in the community and give back,” he said.