Senate puts time, effort into planning traditional school events


By Hera Ashraf
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Students look forward to events like Homecoming, Brain Game and Dance Marathon, which have been part of the school for years

But some may not realize the time and commitment it takes to make all this happen.

Steven Brisley, Senate member and junior said via e-mail, “The actual planning of our events isn’t ‘hard’, but it does take a lot of time and dedication.  Each senator has his or her own responsibilities for each event, so we all work together to plan the event.”

According to Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz, many of the events Senate organizes have been around the school for years and it has always been the Senate’s responsibility to make sure they happen.

Organizing and coordinating so many events doesn’t come easy. According to Brisley, “For each event, a committee of Senators is put together to head up the planning.  Usually there is one committee chair and a few other committee members that do the majority of the organizing.  The rest of the Senators act as a support team and assist wherever they can.”

Student body president Weston Luzadder said, “All the senators help out with planning events so the work is spread out over our group of people. It’s not just one person.”

According to Luzadder, he has to meet with the members before the school year to sort out what events will continue on from the last year.

“I sit down with people from the staff in the beginning of the school year. We go through all the events and figure out who’s going to lead them and whose going to be the chairs of the committees of the events. We also look at what they did before in previous years,” Luzadder said.

Foutz said that she then gets together with the committee chairs and talks about what jobs need to be done for the event.

“Generally, senators don’t work hard in order to receive recognition; they do so to bring fun events to CHS and help out less-fortunate members of the community,” Brisley said.

Luzadder said he thinks Senate is credited enough and recognition isn’t a main focus for the  Senate members.

Luzadder said, “I think Senate is kind of like a behind the scenes thing. There’s a lot of work that go into it that people don’t realize as part of organizing. All the senators are deserving and it’s a good group of kids to work with.”


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