Nutrition and wellness class to prepare meal for PTO, administration

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By: Shireen Korkzan <>

Senior Sam Partridge said she is looking forward to her advanced nutrition & wellness meal management class’ biggest project for the semester, which is preparing a meal for the PTO and administration this Tuesday. “I’m excited to work with the foods and (the advanced nutrition & wellness meal management class and I are) cooking the meals the day before,” Partridge said.

With a fall theme, the advanced nutrition & wellness meal management class is serving berry good hot cider, strawberry and spinach salad, breast of chicken magnifique, baked rice pilaf, green beans with hazelnuts and lemon, herb biscuits and pumpkin bars. As part of the project, the class is to make the meals, serve, clean and set up decorations, according to advanced nutrition & wellness meal management teacher Nancy Kristensen. She also said that this luncheon is to show the PTO what the F&CS classes do. Favors will also be handed out. For decorations, carved pumpkins with pictures of F&CS students working in their classes inside them will be placed on the tables. Superintendent Barbara Underwood and other administrators that can make it are also invited to this event. Near the end the fashion classes give off a fashion show.

Although she’s looking forward to the luncheon, Partridge said she’s not going to enjoy it as much as she had anticipated. “(The luncheon) is not going to be as fun since (the advanced nutrition & wellness meal management class and I) don’t get to eat the food when we are done.” The class usually enjoys their own food after preparing it. However, the luncheon is the biggest grade for the second six weeks in this class and students will need to make sure everything goes according to plan.