Skip-a-Final FAQ added to school Web site, meant to clear up confusion

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By Reid Conner
<[email protected]>

According to Assistant Principal Karen Campbell, Student Services has added a frequently asked questions section to the Skip-a-Final section of the school website.

The FAQ, which was recently added, came about because of a large number of student questions regarding the Skip-a-Final requirements. “We felt as though we could better educate students by providing more information,” Campbell said. The FAQ addresses many of the most common questions that students here have.

“It’s really helpful that they are elucidating on the requirements. Some of them used to be kind of confusing,” senior Will Mascaro said. Mascaro thinks the FAQ will be helpful to students who may not know if they are eligible or not.

“Everyone in Student Services worked hard to come up with a list based on previous popular questions,” she said.

One of the most popular questions, according to Campbell, is about how much time a student can miss in a class without it counting against the program. The answer is no more than 10 minutes at the beginning or end of a period, and 20 minutes at the beginning of first and fifth period. Anything longer than these times is considered an absence. Arriving or leaving within these timeframes is still considered a tardy, however.

Campbell said that Student Services would like to encourage students who have questions to refer to the FAQ.