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Q: What is the event? 

Jolly: The event is called “TEDx Carmel High School” and it is a regional TED event. What Ted stands for is, “Ideas worth spreading,” and so what we’ll be doing is bring in a variety of speakers and performers to share their ideas with the community.

Q: What should CHS students know about this event?

Jolly: I want them to know that we really want students to come because it is a student-run event at CHS so it would be great if you guys showed up. It’s a really enlightening event but you don’t have to think very hard because it’s the nature of the event that you get talked to then you just take it all in, so it’s a very relaxed type of learning experience.

Q: Can you tell us about the location? 

Jolly: The location is Eleven Fifty, and it’s this computer programming place. We talked to the owner, and he’s the inventor of Cha Cha, and he was really excited about this, which is awesome, and he’s allowing us to use this great space on this amazing venue and there is like a slide there that you get down to the room, I don’t know why, but it’s pretty cool. The conference will be held tomorrow from 2 to 6 p.m. There is a lot of great space we can use so we’re really excited because it’s something different that we haven’t done before. Tickets can be ordered online for $8.

Q: What is an overview of the night’s events?

Wells Podell: TEDx Carmel High School will be a half day event, so it’s going to be at the Eleven Fifty Academy. We’ll have a handful of speakers. Those speakers will be broken up by TEDx talks and different activities.  We’re going to have a yoga instructor there doing some yoga, we’re going to have someone doing “living room concerts.”

Q: How can CHS students benefit from an event like this?

Wells Podell: It gives people the opportunity to share ideas and talk about ideas; it’s a great way to get people together who like to think about things. I think our speakers have really interesting thoughts and ideas to get people thinking and it’s also a great way to network and find equally curious people. It will just be a nice time for the community to get together at an event that’s positive and uplifting.

Q: How was the theme, “Things Where You Least Expect Them,” developed and will be carried out?

Wells Podell: It kind of happened pretty naturally and organically. We realized there are all of these interesting things happening around us all the time that you don’t necessarily expect. We thought was a great opportunity to showcase  and expand on some of those really cool things that are happening around us that we might not be aware of.

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